Mini Easter Bunny

***WARNING: The following post and pictures have been known to cause Cuteness Overload Syndrome.  Symptoms include lots of ooohs, aaahs, and longing for cuddles.  View at your own risk because Kangaroo Mama can’t be held responsible.***

 Who knew major cuteness would be created when combining Kiggster with some bunny ears?!  Alright, I did know, that’s why I put it on her!  It helped that these cute purple bunny ears were given to her as a gift from her Po-Po and Yee Yee, even though they were supposed to be for kids 3+ years of age.  It kept slipping off her head but mama is always here to put them right back on!  We took her along with her 2 cousins to the San Mateo Eggstravaganza and it was such nice weather there.  Honey’s sister, brother-in-law, and 2 kids were in town from LA so we thought it was nice to be in San Mateo where there was better weather. 

I loved this event because every child gets a chance to find eggs, no matter what time you got there.  They were split in 2 groups (0-3 years old and 3+) and they let in an X amount of kids at a time to hunt for eggs.  You take all the pictures you want and collect as many as you can, then when you’re heading out, you return all the empty easter eggs and if you’re in the 0-3 age group, you got a sticker, but if you were in the 3+ you got a candy-filled carrot.  Then they recycled the eggs back out into the egg hunt so that they never ran out of eggs for the kids!  I think it’s a brilliant, economical, earth-friendly idea.  Also, I’d rather not feel bad for throwing away a billion plastic eggs when I get home or trying to hide the candy from those eggs so that Honey wouldn’t try to eat them all.  I was glad that they didn’t give out candy to the 0-3 group because that would be completely unnecessary and the older kids getting 1 candy filled item is more than enough candy!  I think I’ll be coming back every year to this event!  Well, I really wanted her to go on the “hunt” (which really just meant me plopping her on the grass surrounded with eggs and taking a billion photos) BUT the thing she likes doing lately is falling asleep right before photo ops.  So instead we let her nap basking in the sun!  We took a picture of her cute little dress at the restaurant instead when she woke up!

Then some more the next morning at home:

You know you think I’m cute!
Would you like an Egg?!

Right before we headed out we put on her cute dress (can’t be too sure about that baby spit-up) and took some more photos…


Then at church they even had something for the kids…

The Easter Bunny and his helper, Mini Bunny!  The Kiggster was totally cool with being held by the Bunny.  Actually I think the bunny was more nervous about having to hold her! 

 Happy Easter to you alll!  Hope you had a hoppin’ good time over the weekend!



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  1. Michelle F. says:

    What a cute step up for easter. I am stealing this for my daughter on her first easter.

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