Mini-Me BFFs

So last night, Honey, Kiggster and I attended BayCat’s Open House where students’ work from this past session was showcased.  It was so amazing seeing all their hardwork and growth.  I know Honey was so proud of them, especially knowing that some of the material they covered is college level work!  What a great start to Honey’s 1st time teaching at BayCat and for the 1st time this course was offered.  I just have to mention, the one girl in the class even did a fashion app!  Who said computer stuff was for dudes?!  Below is the App Inventor portion of the presentation last night…

So we left off in LA yesterday right?!  Well, the day after (Friday) was supposed to be a beach day but it seemed everyone that day came down with the funny bug!  Ethan wasn’t feeling very well so Lucy and the kids were going to stay home.  We were supposed to meet up with Bobby, Aimee, Lyric, and Elia but Bobby was feeling kinda funny after traveling to guess where?!  San Francisco!  So instead, we met at Bobby’s parent’s place and chilled out in the sun instead for a relaxing playdate! 

 Kiggster awake & ready to seize the day: Carpe Diem!

Carpe Cookie! 
Kiggster’s first real encounter with a doggy was with Cookie, Lucy and Erick’s Jack Russell Terrier.  Cookie is such a mellow doggy and love cuddles too.  I don’t know why people always warn about dogs being around kids and making sure the dog doesn’t hurt the kids because it’s quite the opposite.  Poor Cookie!  We kept having to teach Kiggster to be gentle because she has this killer pinch and grab technique and Cookie would just take it as long as she got to snuggle up next to you!  Then I saw Evey kicking Cookie and she just took it.  I think Ethan was just rough with her but once again Cookie was a chill lil’ dog.  I think adults need to make sure to keep the kids away from the dogs and not the other way around!  After a weekend with Cookie, I think it’s made Kiggster more fascinated with pets because her attention goes straight to dogs and cats when they’re around-no matter what she’s doing! Cute!

So we finally started our drive to OC (Orange County) to meet Bobby & Aimee.  Good thing Carmageddon was happening because traffic was great.  People in LA thought because of the freeway closure, it was going to be mad traffic but instead everyone stayed home in LA!  Good for us-we had lots of driving to do that weekend!

Lyric ready to greet us!

The last time we saw Lyric, he was less than 1 year old and now he’s a little man!  Elia was such a sweetie pie, nicely snoozing away in Aimee’s arm the whole afternoon!

Shh, it’s a sleeping baby!

Until I messed with her of course…

Couldn’t help myself, had to give her a fohawk!

Then Aime put on a cute little bow for her!

We spread out some blankets in the backyard and picniced out there the whole afternoon just catching up and snacking away!


 Kiggster chillin’ like a queen!

 The boys were busy putting together a cool toy!

Uh oh, here she comes!

Ahh, someone grab the baby!

Then we headed out for a nice sunset stroll around the neighborhood!  People had some giant plumerias around…I had giant plumeria and backyard envy!


And of course, we had to bring the Smart Trike!  It was Honey’s idea to, he really fell in love with it but so did Kiggster and for me…the colors have grown on me after spending a whole weekend with it!

Shade up…
Shade down-locked & loaded!
Who u starin’ at?!  It’s serious business here!

There she goes w/the handlebars again!

Oh no!  We’ve been stopped w/the traffic patrol!



Aren’t those beautiful plumerias?!  They’re not even plants, they’re trees!  Almost brought me back to Hawaii with all the plumerias, sun, and fragrant flowers!  After our walk, of course the mamarazzi couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo op:

She was more interested in grabbing the plumerias.

Seems to be going well…

Nevermind, she just wanted to eat it!  Still a priceless picture for the album!
That whole day, it seemed like Kiggster and Elia both would take turns eating and pooping!  Kiggster would be under the nursing cover, then while I changed her diaper, Elia would be under the covers, then when Elia was full, she needed a diaper change, but then Kiggster would be hungry again!  That cycle just kept going all day, it was funny.  Good thing there were 2 really comfy recliner chairs…next to each other so Aimee and I were still able to spend lots of time talking and hanging out together!  Then as the night crept in on us, we had to put all the kids in their jammies.  Too bad we didn’t have one with Lyric in his cute jammies and one of all three of them!  Either Elia or Rayne would be under the nursing cover when Lyric was awake so we never got the chance to snap some shots before he finally fell asleep!

 Aren’t they so cute just laying next to each other?!

OMG, totally cute! Linking arms like true BFFs!

Time just flew by and it was already late…time to drive back to LA already!  So sad but we were so glad to have had that time together!

So we had early dinner celebration with my family for Gong-Gong’s 59th I mean 25th birthday!  OMG right?!  A grandpa that’s only 25 years old but mama’s 29?!  Crazy!  So we ended up at a sushi restaurant because our original location was closed…not sure if for good or not.  Po-Po decides to put in an order for fish head there because it takes like 45 minutes to complete and she had it before with someone and liked it.  Well, we finished all the other dishes that came and were still hungry (ok, I was still hungry) but the fish head still hadn’t arrived.  We started thinking…Hmm, if it’s taken 1 hour to cook a fish head, how big is it?!  Well, let me tell you, it was HUGE!  We only had half the head (the head was butterfly-cut) and it probably still weighed like 10 lbs minimum.  Let’s just say, none of us were hungry after that and that definitely wasn’t the same dish my mom previously had!  So it was a hamachi fish head…that cost more than the rest of our other dishes combined!  It made for some fun laughs though so it was worth it!  Hope you all have an amazing weekend-ours will be another busy one!


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