Miyah Image Consulting: MIYAH Earrings Review/Giveaway

Welcome to Day 5 of Kangaroo Mama's Housewarming Party Giveaway Week…AND IT'S MY 30TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!

It's my party, I can sing if I want to, sing if I want to!  Yup, you've just arrived at my Housewarming Party Giveaway Week and today's giveaway is also in honor of my big birthday!  I thought I'd make today's giveaway a fun special item.  Ok, they're all special but this one isn't for our blog, our kids, or even our hobbies but just for us to enjoy! A friend of mine, Mia Gonzalez owns the company Miyah Image Consulting.  She's an amazing image consultant and fashion stylist, who I have seen do some amazing things with women that I know!  I have not personally used her image consulting services but because I personally know the women that have used her services, I feel confident in offering her items and recommending her on this blog!  Here's a quote from Mia:

My mission with MIYAH is to help men and women discover their true image because I believe when people truly feel good about themselves, they are better able to shine, share their gifts, and help others.  And since fashion is always changing, my goal is to make it easy for my clients to create timeless looks without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.  ~Mia Gonzalez, Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist

Some of the people that I personally know and have worked with Mia, you can see the awesome makeovers she did for them below:

Can you believe Honey and I knew this girl when she was just a 5th grader and coming to our house for middle school activities and now she's in high school?!  Ok, the more shocking part is looking at her after picture, I can't believe she's only in high school, Mia did an amazing job on her eye makeup!

Hmmm, don't the they bear some resemblance?!  Yup, it's a mother/daughter duo!  The next one below, Honey knew her when she was just a a youngin' and now she's an awesome singer/songwriter!  I love how natural her makeup turned out looking!

Mia is not only an image consultant and fashion stylist but a personal shopper, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer for most of these photo shoots!  It's like hiring multiple people rolled into 1 when you work with Mia!  She will work with you on your wardrobe choices, sometimes even shop for you (because that's how busy life can get sometimes), do your hair/makeup, and shoot your photos for you.  Photo shoots aren't just for models getting headshots anymore but she also works with families, does weddings, and hey, us bloggers need some nice photos too for all the exposure we get in this digital world!  Miyah Image Consulting is totally like a one-stop-shop!

Below is a fellow blogger who owns a Fashion Blog!

[/caption] Wanna meet Mia?!

Doesn't she look like she'd be loads of fun to work with?!   Mia also created a unique and one-of-a-kind line of MIYAH earrings because …

Jewelry completes the overall look of your outfit. It is the punctuation mark of the statement which your outfit is making. To wear no jewelry at all is like writing a beautiful line of prose and then forgetting to end it with a period, or better yet, an exclamation point!  ~Mia Gonzalez

Sometimes when I feel like rolling out of bed and going out with sweats, a great pair of earrings really takes everything up a notch so I agree that jewelry really helps to enhance a look!  So there was born MIYAH by Mia Gonzalez , an eco and animal friendly line that's made in the USA…by Mia!    All feathers are hand-dyed and some elements included in her earrings include authentic gold-filled or gold-plated hooks, sterling silver, pearls and turquoise stones.  MIYAH earrings normally retail for between $45-$300, depending on the materials used in the earrings, however, for the month of April, they will be on a special and prices will range from $30-$140.  If you are interested in purchasing the earrings, simply browse around her collection at MIYAH Image  and choose the ones that you'd like.  You should contact Mia right away about the ones you'd like to purchase because due to their one-of-a-kind nature, there's no guarantee they'll be available when you're ready to purchase (which happened to me)! Mia has been gracious enough to offer 1 Kangaroo Mama fan (US only) a chance to win a pair of MIYAH earrings.  The winner will have a choice between one of the three earrings below, which I'm sure one of them will fit your style!  Just enter below through Rafflecopter!  Giveaway is being extended until April 13th!

Alita Earrings:

Allanah Earrings:

Aya Earrings (Pictured in Model Above):

[/caption] Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more from my week long giveaway, you don’t want to miss out on all the great prizes!  You can go to the Giveaways tab for the latest prizes or even the ones you missed-some of them are still going on! a Rafflecopter giveaway   Disclaimer: Prize and shipping is the responsibility of the sponsor company.



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  1. Love & learned how she will create a piece that's exactly what you want/need!

  2. She belives that every women can find there own style which is amaizng!

  3. Beautiful earrings!!

  4. She is very talented. Its really neat how she does so much when it comes to fashion, I would love to do that one day!
    And the earrings are gorgeous! 

  5. Brittany Escamilla says:

    to be unique and individual!

  6. tamra childers says:

    to help men and women discover their true image.

  7. I found out she's a stylist for both men and women and her philosophy is to help you look great in your own skin.  I'd love a stylist because I'm not quite sure what looks good on me and presents the image I want too

  8. Francoise F.Q. says:

    From Mia's site I've learned she's an image consultant. Shes works to make you look and feel natural in your own skin by providing you clear guidance on how to bring out your very best and improve your life. She believes in helping you look and feel confident in your own skin. She provides services such as wardrobe editing, personal shopping, styling for shoots and etc.
    I'd love to have a stylist specially one with such a personal touch 🙂 xoxo

  9. Brandy Batson says:

    to help men and women discover their true image.

  10. I love how much services she offers. A one stop shop from an extremely talented woman! I have never thought about going to a personal consultant. It seems like it would be fun!

  11. Christina says:

    Styles can be customized, and every woman can find her own image!

  12. update, alter or donate is gonna me my motto when it comes to my closet, thanks

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I like that style can be customized to anyone, you just need to have the right inspiration and a critical eye!

  14. jacqueline says:

    she does warbrode editing!

  15. I wish she could help me with my image. She makes all the women look so confident and beautiful. I love her style!

  16. I wish I had the kind of money to afford a stylist like that. :/

  17. She is a personal shopper, believes that if you looks good you will be able to shine, and I would love one, but they are expensive!!
    Kristin W recently posted..My Own Worst EnemyMy Profile

  18. I love that she believes every woman can find her own image! I have yet to find mine, but at least there is now hope ::
    Katy recently posted..Salmon with Honey and Sesame SeedsMy Profile

  19. Joe Lee says:

    Her prices are way too expensive for my taste

  20. Erin K. says:

    I love that she believes fashion is for everyone, and her belief that believing that you can’t look good can really hold you back.

  21. martha parten says:

    I really like the idea of a personal shipper. I love the philosophy of finding and being your true self. Thank you for the giveaway

  22. I would just would be happy just know how to put make-up like she does!!! AMAZING photos.
    Kelley @ Never a Dull Day in Poland recently posted..April Showers Bring Flash Giveaways!My Profile

  23. She’s very accomplished. It’s so great to do something you love!
    debra pearlstein recently posted..April iPad Mania Giveaway!My Profile

  24. I love her earrings and they remind me of the ones I used to wear in my Rocker look years. Beautiful work. I also believe that with the right look you can go so far and even more confident in yourself.

  25. MIYAH’s FB doesn’t work.
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted..Video Games, Movies, and Myth Busters!? Really!?My Profile

  26. She sounds amazing! I wish I knew how to do half of the things she does! I would use her services if I could afford them and if she was near me!
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted..Current Favorite Book Series!My Profile

    • Rae Higgins says:

      Amazing!! Mia is very multi-talented! Love her tips on wardrobe editing. Styling Comes From Inside Out? Lord knows, I need a stylist!!

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