Monkey Girls!

Wow, it was such a beautiful weekend, we had sun!!!  But I guess that sun and heat would explain the 2 earthquakes we had on Thursday!  So it’s been awhile since Honey and I got to go somewhere with just the 2 of us, but we finally got to yesterday!  The last time we went somewhere without Kiggster was in March when Tina volunteered to babysit her for Honey’s birthday (Thanks Tina)!  Our friends were willing to take Kiggster yesterday for a couple hours while we went on a 2-person date (we go on dates, but usually we’ve got a 3rd wheel).  Since it was so beautiful, we decided to go to Pacifica for a walk and go up the mountain.  It was beautiful!  No fog, no wind, lots of sun, heat, and beautiful view of the ocean.  We just took a walk, prayed, talked, sat and looked out at the ocean.  Of course, we still worried about Kiggster and how she was doing with our friends but we still tried to maximize our couple precious hours together!

That was us on top of the mountain with the water surrounding us!  Taking pictures with our camera phone is a little more challenging than I thought!  After our peaceful time together, we bought some take out back to eat with our friends, a small Thank You for putting up with a crying baby for several hours.  They thought their daughter was the loudest baby ever but they said Kiggster beat her out by several decibels!  We weren’t joking when we said she was loud, she really is.  When she’s crying, it’s a noise complaint kind of loud.  But they she was all calm and happy when we got back.  Kiggster and Gabi (our friends almost 2-year-old daughter) kept taking turns wanting Honey to swing them around…


As you can see, Gabi wanted to go first!


Then Kiggster wanted in on the action!  I didn’t catch it on camera but she was totally laughing with her eyes all squinty and mouth open too!

Then Gabi wanted more!  Honey said he was getting tired doing this with both Gabi and Kiggster.  Apparently even though there’s a year gap between the two, Kiggster weighs only 2 pounds less than Gabi.  We confirmed it with a step on the scale, Kiggster is a 20 pounder!!!  That’s why we always feel like our arms are sore!  They did this probably a good dozen times all together between the both of them!  They were like little monkeys swinging through the forest!



You can’t tell it but she actually had her tongue sticking all the way out in the 2nd picture, she is so funny.  Kinda reminds me of little puppies hanging their heads out the window with their tongues sticking out!  It was cute!

Even though she cried for like 2 hours+, it was still nice to get her used to being with other people.  But Honey and I paid the price for it that night, she kept waking up all night long…crying! Although, we think some of it may have been more teeth starting to come through.  She’s been sticking her finger in her mouth and rubbing it along the bottom gums a lot more lately.  She is now walking!  Not as smoothly yet but she loves walking now. She won’t hesitate walking if there’s nothing to hold onto around her although she will still hold onto stuff if it’s around.  But she’s been walking circles around Honey and I all weekend.  We think it helped that on Friday night, we had some friends over for a small bible study and there were 3 other girls (2 that are running and 1 that is walking).  So Kiggster couldn’t wait to play with them, crawl all over the house to keep up with them, practice her walking when the other girls finally got tired and stood still.  It was cute because they would run around the house in a line by age: the oldest one Gabi kept running around 1st, then you say Mya go after her, then Bella, who learned to walk in the last couple months walk after them, and then Kiggster on all fours crawling really fast to catch up with them!  Then the whole weekend, she wanted to walk instead of be held and has been walking so much better!

I had to share this picture, that’s the winter flower I made for the hair bow/flower challenge yesterday.  Honey named it “First Frost” after seeing the material I was using and seeing how it turned out.  What do you think?!  Voting for the flower will start tomorrow so I’ll be sharing the link tomorrow, don’t forget to vote for me!


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