Monkey See, Monkey Do

So Kiggster hasn’t been much of a fan for hats of late but then Honey found her doing this recently…

It’s a 2 part video clip…

I guess she doesn’t like it when someone else puts the hat on her but it’s much more fun trying to put it on by herself!  Although, she always gets so distracted by cameras and camcorders that we can’t ever get the full story/picture!

So the other night, Honey and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner and I was went to put something away in her room which is also our “pantry.”  Our little sous chef was in the corner of the kitchen picking out spices.  She was holding a packet of spice in her hand that we had put into a ziploc bag.  She’s definitely been practicing a new skill of using her pincher fingers to open stuff and she was trying.  She hasn’t been very good at it yet, at least I didn’t think so.  We had taken away all the “dangerous” chili spices and ones that spill out easily so I wasn’t really alarmed that she was holding this ziploc bag of spices.  Then I heard Honey go, “Roo Roo!” and I hear him take her over to the sink and turn on the water.  Apparently, she does know how to open packages and she had curry powder all over herself and the floor and actually eating it from her hands!  She didn’t seem bothered by curry all over her face and seemed to think it was quite fun.  So later Honey explained to me that he had actually taught Kiggster to open ziploc bags! Huh?!  Why would you do that?!  He said she tricked him into teaching her!  Hmmm, you got tricked by our little 1 year old?!  Well, I guess she is pretty tricky.  So I guess earlier in the week, she brought him over a ziploc bag and wanted him to open it for her, so he did.  There you go, she watched and learned off one occurance!

So Honey likes to teach her to open DVD cases, turn on the VCR, and now open ziploc bags.  Oh did I not tell you about the other 2?  I came home and noticed that some of the DVDs (the ones we cared about) were all moved up to the top of the shelf and I asked if he did some reorg’ing and he said yes because Kiggster now knows how to open the DVD cases.  I was like, “wow, that’s amazing” and he said, “Well, I kinda taught her how to open them.”  Once again I had the same reaction, “Huh?!  Why did you do that?!”  So I guess he felt bad for her because she was just playing the the case and that didn’t seem very fun so he decided to show her how to open and close the DVD cases. Well, she learned right away but only likes to open and not close the DVD cases-instead of selective hearing, Kiggster has selective learning!  Then, last week, I was putting the remotes away for the VCR and TV and he goes, “Oh, I kinda taught Kiggster how to turn on the VCR.”  You already know my reactions, it’s the same!  “She tricked me into showing her!” So apparently she walked up to him with the remote and he took that as a cue to show her the “on” button for the VCR remote and she learned so now we see the VCR on a lot!  She is very fascinated by buttons and making things light up when she presses it.  Literally, her eyes light up when she presses buttons and something lights up or plays music!  Oh, she also loves to press the elevator buttons (I’ve been known to allow her to press more buttons than what’s needed to get us to our floors)!  Oh our curiously fast-learner Kiggster!

By the way, as of Sunday afternoon, our DVD/VHS player is now broken!  So apparently, not only did Honey teach her how to turn on the machine, but to open and close the DVD tray (“because it’s more fun that way”).  It is now permanently stuck at the halfway point and constantly tries to “open and close” itself with no success, so you hear it throughout the day clicking  because it can’t close or open!  You think Black Friday will have a check DVD/VHS combo machine for us?!


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