Monterey: The Sequel

So we had videos and pictures of our visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week and showed you how fascinated the Kiggster was with all her sea friends!  On the trip, we had some other fun memories too…

No your eyes aren’t tricking you!  That’s the Kiggster eating her first slice of watermelon and lovin’ it too!  She wanted more and more.  Ok, she wasn’t swallowing any of the chunks, just gummin’ the watermelon and sucking all the life (juice) out of it until all the pieces turned white.  She did that with like 2 or 3 small slices and was satisfied.  That was our first night in Monterey!

She’s so funny, my baby flamingo!  Isn’t that the funniest hat?!  So there was a Nemo hat and this flamingo one in Henry’s toy collection and we just couldn’t resist taking a picture of her in the flamingo one! 


This is the Kiggster in her very first restaurant high chair!  It even has a cute little heart on the back!


 That’s the 3 of us at the restaurant with a view of the elephant seals!  Then the other picture of cute little Henry trying to avoid the camera…little does he know, side profile shots are just as cute!  After lunch, Amy and Henry took us to check out Dennis the Menace park! 


The park had some funny stuff like this child-sized water fountain shaped like a lion!  They had a maze, huge train to run around, bumpy slide (according to the adults, it really hurts the butt), bridge, more slides and swings, and lots of other cool stuff.  I wish SF had a cool kids park like that-makes adults even wanna be kids again!


That’s Amy playing with Kiggster and Henry bringing all his beloved stuff animals to keep her entertained!  He’s definitely a good example of a sharer-he didn’t hold back any of his toys from her.  Not even his favorite cars and trucks!

He even shared his huge Tonka truck and Kiggster still wanted the little red car he had in his hand!  I couldn’t resist putting her in the truck-she fit, it was fun!




She’s just chillin’ like a queen on her Tonka truck!  She would scoot her butt and lean forward to make the truck move, then lean back and make it move again.  She was funny!  Then Henry thought she needed some help…

I had a video of this but realized that I had forgotten to upload it to YouTube so that I could post it on here…=(  I will try to do that tomorrow night and update this posting because I won’t have a chance to post again until the evening tomorrw!    
Updated with the video finally!  Isn’t Henry cute?!  He’s a total big brother when he’s around the Kiggster.  He was pushing her all around in his truck and at night times, he was even helping her to sleep-brought her toys, sang songs, and even turned on his star projector for her!

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