Month 5 Birthday Photos

Ok, so I really dislike technology, especially when it doesn’t agree with me.  I had a nice video that I was trying to upload and it keeps telling me there’s an error and won’t upload it.  But I can watch it perfectly on the computer!  GRRR!  Oh well, so much for trying to be high-tech!
So I think the Kiggster caught a cold this week…she’s been coughing, sneezing, and sniffling all week but still looking cute as ever of course!  She’s been a tad more clingy maybe because she hasn’t been feeling well but I’d want more TLC also if I wasn’t feeling well!  I weighed her yesterday at Newborn Connections in CPMC and she now weighs 15lbs!!!! WOW!  Now I know why I’m so tired after holding her all day, plus her ~10lb carseat!  She is definitely growing!  Hope you guys enjoy her photos, until next time…

What’s this in front of me?!

Oh! U mean I’m supposed to look up?!

How do I look from this angle?

And this one?

 You know you love me!  You know you think I’m cute!  Yup, I’m just plain adorable!  Don’t miss me too much over the weekend!!!!


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