Motherly Auntie

Remember how I said Kiggster’s Yee-Yee, Tina, spent lots of time with us over Labor Day weekend?!  Well, not only did Tina take Kiggster into the water for her swim lesson but she also spent time with us in Brisbane.  It was too nice of a day to not go out but we didn’t want to go too far because Kiggster was getting tired. 


Desn’t it look so beautiful out?!  We tried to put those Baby Banz on Kiggster but she just wanted to eat it instead!  She’s not happy when we put things on her face or head anymore…the little bow was so light that she didn’t realize I had put it on her! Hehehe, sneaky mama!  Tina made us change Kiggster into a dress since it was so nice.

 I think our faces are covering her…

 Yummy cheeks!!!


Then when Kiggster got really tired, Tina even suggested that she could carry her in the Ergo baby carrier!  I couldn’t believe she wanted to carry Kiggster in the carrier but they both seemed to have enjoyed that moment too! 

Doesn’t she look so motherly?!  Hehehe, a very cute one though! 


Awww, so sweet, her Yee-Yee loves her! 


Then Tina proceeded to do this scarf dance, prancing around side-to-side while Kiggster was trying to sleep…


Someone tell this Crazy Yee-Yee to stop, I think I’m getting queasy!

But not too long after that prancing stopped, Kiggster fell right to sleep and Tina and I just got to walk, sit and talk together.  That was much needed time for the two of us-it’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to catch up.  I’m so grateful that despite her crazy flying and work schedule, that she still makes a lot of time to see Kiggster and I-we love you!  Too bad her schedule this coming month is not going to allow us a lot of time together, it will be missed.  If you’re reading this and haven’t spent much time with Kiggster lately, you’re probably feeling a little guilty.  Yes, you should totally feel guilty, make some time in your schedule and come play with us!  She’s growing up fast and not waitin’ around for anyone!  We only instill guilt ’cause we love you!


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