Ms. Ladybug’s 1st Halloween

It was a busy weekend for my little busy bug, oh I mean lady bug!  Happy belated Halloween by the way!  It was Kiggster’s very first Halloween and I am happy to say that I was able to make her costume.  I always wanted to be a DIYer but never had enough motivation to do something for myself so now with Kiggster, she’s helped kick things into high gear for me!  I planned her costume a little over a month ago and I have to say, it turned out better than expected.  I decided to make her a ladybug because I had a bunch of red tulle laying around the house (crazy, but that red tulle from left over from our wedding decorations 6 years ago!).  Kinda cool to use it for her costume.  Next I had to figure out how to make her wings and what to use for the ladybug spots.  I really didn’t feel like trying to cut perfect circles a million times for her costume so I looked on my favorite site, Etsy, to find some die cut circles.  When I saw that the die cut circles were super cheap (at least compared the time it would take me to cut them perfectly, buy the felt, and work at 3am in the morning), it was a no brainer that I would have to just buy them!  Then I saw these cute heart shapes and flower petal shapes so I nixed the circle idea and used hearts and petal shaped felts instead and it helped that they were around the same price too!  The wings and the treat bag were made from felt also.  I bought all my felt and die cut hearts/flowers from Sweet Fairy Boutique on Etsy and Sandra was great to work with!  She accommodated all my requests and mixing of colors, sizes, and quantities.  The felts seemed to be good quality to me (thick enough so when I glued the pieces, glue didn’t seep through).  Prices were so good, I will definitely be going back for more stuff.  Actually, you’ll see a couple more items from Sweet Fairy Boutique during Kiggster’s birthday party!

I used the tutu tutorial from Birdsong Bows and even got some great advice from Deanna the mastermind behind the company on how to create the wings!  When I first finished the tutu, I showed it to Honey and he said, “Kiggster could be the Queen of Hearts!”  ????  Not exactly the look I was going for but I just crossed my fingers and hoped that once the whole outfit was done, it would all come together and look like a ladybug!

Kiggster came to visit me at work on Monday and she was such a cutie-pie in her outfit.  She likes to peek around my cube and call out to people!

That’s her sitting in the middle of the hallway at my work.  She actually even tried to open that filing cabinet next to her-yanking on it pretty hard.  Little does she know, those file cabinets are over 1,000 lbs so she probably wasn’t gonna get it to budge! So we went to see my family on Saturday to do some early trick or treatin’ and I have to say, she enjoyed her loot!  I didn’t want her loaded with candy that she can’t eat and I’m not allowing her to eat just yet so my family was very considerate and gave her lots of other goodies instead!

She got that cute hat from her Yee-Yee and I must say, it was pretty adorable!  Actually it almost looks like Princess Leia buns!  Then from Po-Po, Kiggster made out like a bandit!  She not only got a nice knit newsgirl cap but even a red envelope.  She even at one point stuck a remote control into her treat bag.  I thought my homemade treat bag was gonna break-I cut the handles too thin but figured it would be fine since she wasn’t “filling” it with much anyways.  Good thing you can’t see the treat bag up close because my sewing was really crooked!  The treat bag was my first ever attempt at a sewing machine.





Her treat bag looks really stuffed despite not being filled with candy!  Honey and I realized recently that Kiggster loves things with handles!  She’s recently discovered that her bath toy boat has a handle on it and she loves carrying it around in the bathroom.  She enjoys holding onto purses, hence why she likes her trick or treat bag!  You think she’ll take after me for the love of purses?!


Then we realized, HEY, we didn’t ring the doorbell!  It’s not official until you ring the bell and yell “Trick-or-Treat!”  So we did!  Kiggster was pleasantly surprised to hear music play when she pressed the button, kinda like with her toys, so she wanted to keep doing it…ok, I really wanted to keep doing it!




I love my little lady bug, she brings life to the costume and adds her own character to it!  At church on Sunday, she dressed up again but fell asleep during the Halloween carnival and one of the middle school girls called her a lazy bug!  It was cute!  I forgot my camera on Monday night so I have to wait for friends to email me photos but this time, the whole family (Honey, Kiggster and I) all dressed up.  Here’s a sneak preview…

Looks like there’s some savin’ to be done.  My own personal superhero!  



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