My Baby’s Growin’ Up…

So yesterday, Tina said to me, “When I saw Rayne in the Tonka truck, I thought you were going to say something like back it on up, back it on up like a Tonka truck-just like in J. Lo’s song!”  See, I probably would have if I’d actually heard of the song but since I rarely turn on the radio these days or watch tv…I had no idea what she was referring to!  Although, I might have a thing or two to say about that if she ever gets old enough to dance to a song telling her to back it on up!  Might just have to lock her up at home and throw away the key!

So Kiggster has totally been growing so fast.  Her car seat is supposed to fit her until 30 lbs or 33 inches but she is neither and her feet are already hangin’ off the carseat and the straps are too tight even after they’ve been loosened!  So we caved for her safety and bought her a new convertible carseat, but man they’re expensive compared to the infant seats!  Oh well, at least she’s safe.  Although, one drawback so far has been no sunshade.  In the infant seat, I could flip down the shade to block the sun from blinding her but with the convertible seat, she’s completely exposed in my tintless car! 

So for that baby contest I wanted to submit her for, I have these pictures that I’m considering submitting but I’ll decide after this weekend ’cause we may have some new favorites:

Treasured Thursday: photo compliments of Yee-Po
Mother’s Day Celebration: photo compliments of Kow-Foo

Super Funny Face photo

Silly Supermodel Shot
What do you guys think of those photo selections so far for her “portfolio?”
I’m so bad, I totally forgot about Kiggster’s 7 month birthday on Monday!  Bad Mama!  Happy Belated Bday Baby!!!  Oh and a shout out from Kiggster to her Kow-Foo, “Happy Graduation!”  Yup, my baby brother is graduating from college with a Master’s degree, I know, not so baby anymore!

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