My Story

I guess this is where I talk about myself?!  I am Kathy, a happily married wife of six going on 7 years to my awesome husband, Roderick, and a mom of a beautiful 1-year-old 18 month old daughter, Rayne.  On this blog though, you'll notice that I never use their names Roderick or Rayne because that's not what I personally call them so instead it's Honey and Kiggster (I'm sure you can deduce which nickname belongs to whom)!

I am a WOHM (work outside of home mom) that wishes she was a WAHM (work at home mom) but grateful that at least Honey can got to be home with Kiggster for her 1st year the time being.  Honey is currently going to grad school at USF for his Masters in Web Science AND working 2 internships…he's pretty awesome!


Some things about myself…I'm pretty decisive about being indecisive.  I love variety (I guess that's why I'm indecisive).  I love ordering a different dish than Honey so we can share and I can get more variety.  Shopping is my worst enemy…actually it's my best friend but Honey's worst enemy, my credit card bill is my worst enemy!  I love shopping for clothes, accessories, home decor, stuff for Honey, stuff for baby, heck-it could just be shopping for diapers and toilet paper and I still love shopping, I guess I just love spending money.  

Honey says I have lots of hobbies but I don't stick with one for long. Examples: I had several hundred dollars worth of scrapbooking supplies and materials from my college days where I had grand ideas of all these wonderful scrapbooks I'd be making, but in these many years, I've made only 1 page (wasn't even finished with that page either).  I also dream about one day becoming a good cook so I collected tons of cookbooks such as meals in a crock pot, one pot wonders, 30 minute meals, etc.  But with a whole bookshelf of cookbooks, I used it less than a dozen times in the past decade (I think I used online sources more when I actually did decide to cook).  So when we got pregnant, all those cookbooks benefited Goodwill because I wasn't pleading a strong enough case to Honey for why it was taking up valuable square footage in our tiny condo!

At this second, my interests are digital photobook making (decided that was less messy than actual scrapbooking), learning to make bows and headbands, learning to sew, and I really want to learn more about photography and upgrade from my point 'n shoot.

Things I'm passionate about: God, my husband, my daughter, our extended family, breastfeeding, baby-wearing (hence how Kangaroo Mama blog name was born), teaching babies/kids sign language (the actual ASL version), providing kids with safe and natural products that are still fun to use, eating healthy, whole and organic foods (for the whole family), natural childbirth, party planning, and so much more!

All-time favorite passage from the bible: Psalm 139-the whole chapter is beautiful but verses 9 & 10 remind me that God is always by my side, no matter where I am or what I am doing!

9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, 10 even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. 

no reproducing and altering of images