New Laptop!

So remember on Wednesday when I was talking about not knowing when I’d have time to blog and with what computer?  For a little while now, Honey’s been talking about getting me a new computer just for myself.  His class for this semester is coming close to an end (Amen to that!) however, that also means finals and final projects (translation: exclusive use of the laptop)!  With the holidays quickly approaching, I also would like the laptop to make holiday cards, search for gift inspirations, view my tutorials while making them so I don’t make stupid mistakes trying to make stuff from memory (we know how my memory is), and just answering emails too.  Honey’s put a lot of thinking into what would be good for me, asked me what I’d like my device to do for me, what I envision doing with it, etc.  He researched different tablets, netbooks, low-end PCs, high-end PCs, Macs, iPads, Kindle Fire, etc.

What I’d like to do with my device: surf the net (guilty pleasure), make photo books, blog, answer emails, view tutorials while making my crafts, and down the line: Photoshop/photo-editing.  So my photo book making and photo-editing would almost automatically rule out the tablets, Kindle Fire included which was a bummer ’causer $200 bucks sounded really nice.  Although I’m hesitant about more Android technology since I hadn’t had a whole lotta luck with my Droid 3 phone and feel like I should’ve just forked out the extra $100 for an older model iPhone.  Then there were netbooks…we have several people we know that owned one and none of them seemed to like theirs (one even said they were glad the day their’s broke because they finally had the excuse to get something else)!  So I wasn’t going to buy something that no one liked and the price was half way towards a really nice computer.  Honey didn’t feel low-end Windows laptops were what I would want and thought that Windows laptops were just so easily out of date that maybe it wasn’t a great purchase.  So Windows laptops were ruled out and he looked exclusively at Macs, actually the MacBook Air to be exact.  The only problem is that they start at $1K!  But he talked me into going to Best Buy and at least playing around with it to see how I even liked it.  Kiggster played around with it…she’s the ultimate product tester!

MacBook Air

Kiggster pressed banged on the keyboards and opened multiple multiple applications simultaneously but the computer didn’t freeze or slow down (where Windows probably would have).  Then she closed the monitor and opened it multiple times-not so gently and the computer would turn on and off smoothly and pretty quickly.  The keys seemed harder to pop off in this laptop-which is a good thing around her.  The smallest one (11 inch screen) was super light and was very nice for a one handed hold while holding Kiggster in the other.  Mac has built in basic photo editing tools which will be nice not to have to go online to do (I use Picnik).  I see it as something that will last me for a while, especially since it won’t have the moving parts and processors like other laptops out there.  So no heated up laptops and clunkers to lug around!  Sounds like I’ve already been sold huh?!  I did, totally got sold.

Look how thin it is!
I love how the keyboard looks and feels!

No one seemed to think that Macs would go on sale for Black Friday but if it did, I could still get a price adjustment up to 14 days within my purchase.  So today is day #1 and Black Friday would still be within those 14 days!  I also have 14 days to try out the laptop and if I didn’t like it, it can still be returned for a full refund, no restocking fees.  However, starting 11/13/11 for the holidays, the return policy will be 14 days after Christmas but we were told we won’t want to return the MacBook Air.  I figured I’ll probably know if I want to keep it or not after 14 days.  The only hesitancy was the price, kinda made me cringe buying it at that price but I am hoping tonight is the last night I will ever have to stay up at ungodly hours doing postings and computer necessary tasks!  The only bummer is that my brother got me Photoshop but it will probably not work on my Mac…those money-sucking companies! So software will need to be repurchased with my new Mac!  I guess this will be my 2011 Christmas present, 2012 birthday present, and 2012 Christmas present from Honey (he didn’t say it but buying this was definitely a sacrifice)!  Now I just need to get a nice neoprene sleeve for the laptop!

Simple and classic: my laptop’s LBD!
Designs are nice but not attached to this one.
Simple and even has pockets for the charger/accessories.
I do love peacocks…but does my laptop?!
Simple design with a little shot of color.
Only the hot pink comes w/a design but it has pockets for accessories/charger!

Any favorites?!  They all ranged around $15-30.  I wonder if Hong Kong has any that are cheaper and nicer?!  But those were found in a quick Amazon search so maybe I can still find some other ones if I looked more.  Good night for now!


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