Nuby: Nail Care Set Review

How many times have you heard parents saying they hate cutting their baby or kid's nails?!  Or the guilty pleas of drawing blood when clipping too much?! I've found that part of the problem is not having the right tools to get the job done!  I've tried quite a few nail clippers, nail trimmers, nail filers, and even electric filers with Kiggster and none have worked as well as the Nuby Nail Care Set.

I love the versatility of the nail care set where it has a nail clipper, nail scissors, and nail files.  Below is the description that Nuby gives of the Nail Care Set:

Nail Clipper: sized for baby's small nails, but are easy for an adult to use.  Each clipper comes with a snap on cover for cleaner storage.

Baby and Toddler Nail Scissors: are made of stainless steel and are also sized perfectly for baby or toddler's tiny nails.  The short curved blades of these scissors make it easier to trim a child's nails.  Trim straight across nails then shape as needed.  Each pair of nail scissors comes with a hygienic cover that easily fits over the end.

Smoothing Emery Boards: (4 pieces) are specially sized and shaped to help smooth and shape their tiny nails.  This helps prevent your child from scratching themselves and others!

I don't have any pictures of my clipping Kiggster's nails-I have not morphed to having that super power yet of clipping nails and snapping photos while trying not to wake a sleeping giant (or toddler)!  But here you will see the sleeping toddler:

I have never successfully clipped her nails while she's awake so I do have to do it all while she is napping or in deep sleep, even sometimes that's not very successful.  So I have been carrying around this nail set in a snack sized ziploc bag and throwing that inside Kiggster's diaper bag so that I am prepared for whenever she is asleep!  I got my chance while she fell asleep in the car while in a parking lot, I leaned over from the front passenger seat and started clipping away!  See my before and after photos and no, I did not purposely let her nails grow out that long just for these before/after photos, it's been very hard to clip her nails lately even when she's "asleep"!

I really like the size and shape of the nail clipper, it has a circular but flat handle where you push down with your thumb, it's a nice size surface so your thumb doesn't slip off causing you to over clip!  It also comes with a snap on cover which, I hate small pieces that I can lose but I have found that I can also clip it to the end of the nail clipper while in use too so I won't lose it or have to hold it while clipping!  

Then there's the nail scissors, at first, I was confused on how to use the nail scissors and if it was better than the nail clipper.  But I realized that it is not better or worse than the nail clipper but different.  I use the nail clipper for clipping all her nails but I also notice sometimes I end up catching some skin.  Pulling the skin makes it worse and clipping the skin off gets more skin clipped!  So I use the nail scissors to get a more precise cut.  I like the rounded edges, no poking anyone's eyes out with sharp scissors!  It also comes with a cover which is great for when it's not in use but I wish it had something to keep the cover connected to the scissors while in use so I won't lose it.

As for the emery boards, who hasn't clipped nails only to find that it becomes sharper than before clipping?!  I have!  I sometimes got more scratches after clipping than before cutting those nine inch nails!  Well, that's when the emery boards come in handy to file and smooth down those pointy, sharp edges!

I have loved our nail care set, the only features I wish were included in the set was for the cover on the scissors to be connected to prevent it from being lost easily and for the set to include a cover, bag, or organizer to keep the set all together but for now a ziploc bag will do!

The Nuby Nail Care Set can be purchased at Buy Baby Direct for $6.99 a set and it comes in aqua, blue, yellow, green, purple, and pink.  Go check out Nuby's Facebook page for different fun contests and giveaways-there is always something going on!

Kangaroo Mama was provided product for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. 


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