Nuby No-Spill Super Straw Easy Grip Cup Review

As you all know, I was recently selected to be one of Nuby's 2012 Mommy Bloggers and was fortunate enough to get the chance to review the Nuby No-Spill Super Straw Easy Grip Cup in the 10oz size.  Honey and I have been on the search for the no-spill straw cup and have been through quite a few so far.  We tried some that were for sure no-spill but were so hard to sip that even Honey and I couldn't drink from it.  Then there were some no-spill straw cups that leaked like crazy, I found sometimes when I came back to Kiggster, she had sprinkled milk or water or worse, smoothies, all over the place because she was waving or throwing it all around! Then there are some where the straw doesn't reach the bottom of the cup so I'm losing ounces of milk with each feeding!  I was skeptical at first when I made my cup choice, but I was determined to continue our no-spill cup search! 

The cup's features are as follows:

  • The unique easy grip design is engineered specifically to fit your child's small hands, ensuring a comfortable, secure grasp..
  • The soft silicone straw is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills while being delicate and gentle to gums and teeth.
  • The straw allows fluid to flow with the sucking action of the child and closes when sucking action ceases, ensuring a leak-resistant cup.

Those actually are all features I like about the cup.  It's easy for me to pass the cup from front to back seat to Kiggster and she has no problems holding onto it or dropping it-purposely throwing cups is a whole other story!  The Nuby cup's straw reaches all the way to the bottom of the cup, plus whenever Kiggster was drinking from the cup, I could see the straw moving around because it could move in different directions, catching the liquids at the bottom of the cup.  Honey and I tried out the cup first before giving it to Kiggster…no pictures of us using it, that could become blackmail material!  At first, we had a hard time using the cup, we couldn't get any liquids out.  Then I handed the cup over to Kiggster and she had no problems with it and was drinking away.  So I tried it again to see what I had done wrong and figured out how to drink from the cup!  So the only way I know to explain it is, it's kind of like nursing where the child needs to put their mouth over the whole silicone sipper then using the same action as nursing, put pressure on the sipper straw with their tongue and start sucking and the liquids come out automatically.  Once they stop, the flow also stops.  It was actually funny how it seemed impossible for Honey and I to figure out because we were only sucking on the tip of the straw while Kiggster had no learning curve at all!  

So then I took the cup, flipped it over and tried to "spill" the liquids and besides the little bit of water Kiggster left on the tip, nothing came out!  I can't even explain what a sigh of relief came over me when I saw that!  But of course we needed some more testing so it came with us to church, to walks, the farmer's market, the park, the beach, dinners….everywhere!  I'm happy to say, still no leaks and Kiggster will happily drink from it.  I like that it doesn't have a flip top on it because Kiggster had trouble with other flip top cups in the past.  However, with that said, the straw sipper does lend itself to catch dirt easily because it is exposed. So I make sure to wash or wipe it off every time before she drinks from it to get off any sand, dirt, grass or just dust but I actually did that with her other cups anyways so it wasn't anymore of a hassle than others!

So are you on the hunt for the perfect cup? What are some funny and/or frustrating cup spilling moments you've had so far?

The Nuby No Spill Super Straw Easy Grip Cup can be purchased through Buy Baby Direct for $6.99 for a pack of 2.   Be on the look out for a giveaway on Kangaroo Mama from Nuby soon but in the meantime, go check out Nuby's Facebook page for different fun contests and giveaways.



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  1. My son loves those sippy cups! He has the same kind as the one your daughter is holding. Something to note though, the picture at the beginning of your post is of a different sippy cup and might be misleading. That sippy cup has the straw at the center instead of off to one side which is not nearly as effective.

  2. I love the Tuggy Toes.

  3. Natalie Finch says:

    I really want to try the "Jiggle Giggle Vibrating Teethers"

  4. Michelle F. says:

    I love the Nuby Brand. I have the no spill baby bottles and I love them.

  5. i like the cups and bottle  and they look great  i have a lot of kid could use it

  6. I'd also like to try their no-spill cup with super spout.

  7. I would like to try the comfort breast pump

  8. I'd like the tub time turtles

  9. The No Spill Soft Sipper

  10. Jennifer Johansen says:

    Their iMonster feeding set is hilariously cute!


  12. This sippy cup looks so cool! I love Nuby but I have yet to try this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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