Nuby: Tickle Toes Monkey Review

As you all remember I had the chance to become a 2012 Nuby Mommy Blogger and be on the review team!  Well, my next product is the Nuby Tickle Toes Monkey!  Kiggster loves Monkeys and making monkey noises so it was only natural for me to pick a giggling monkey for her to review.  

The TIckle Toes line comes with multiple stuffed animal choices: monkey, alligator, hippo, bear, frog, lion, bunny, duck, dog, and turtle   Each of the stuffed animal has an embroidered message on the bottom of their foot that says "Tickle Toes" and if you press on the foot, it starts giggling.  As Nuby says,:

Hilariously funny, the Nuby Tickle Toes are soft, adorable and make the perfect playmate for your child.  A gentle squeeze of the foot makes the character giggle and chuckle and is guaranteed to have you and your child do the same.

When Kiggster first discovered the foot and pressed on it, she couldn't stop giggling with the monkey.  She would take the monkey all over with her.  I remember there were a couple nights when she took it to bed with her and she accidently rolled over the foot, causing it to start giggling!  That's Honey below tickling Kiggster with the Tickle Monkey, with the sound turned on of course!  She was having giggles of fun!

Kiggster also enjoyed putting monkey on her new rocking horse:

The monkey is really plush and soft and the giggling definitely gets Kiggster laughing and then Honey and I too from hearing her.  It's like a snowball effect for us if one of us laughs, we all end up laughing with it!  There were some features that I wished were available in the Tickle Toes line was an on/off button (for those nights she accidently rolls over monkey or if I step on it by accident), an adjustable volume dial (it is a tad on the louder side), and a way to change the batteries on it when they run out, though it would still make a cute stuffed animal even without the giggle sound effect!

The Nuby TIckle Toes line can be purchased at Buy Baby Direct for $9.99 but only select animals are available or through Amazon and the prices vary depending on the animal.  Go check out Nuby's Facebook page for different fun contests and giveaways-there is always something going on!

Kangaroo Mama was provided product for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. 


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