Nuby: Tub Time Turtle Review


Kiggster loves bath times and that might even be an understatement!  So of course, I am always in a state of searching for the next bath toy for her!  That's where I can introduce you to Nuby's Tub Time Turtle.  The tub time turtle can float on his back, bobble around on his tummy, and when you lift him out of the water, he creates a trickling waterfall effect!

Nuby Turtle Collage

Kiggster's been having a great time with him in the bath, Tub Time Turtle has a cute little smile on him and little holes scattered strategically throughout his turtle shell.  So when she first lifted turtle from out of the water and saw the water coming out of the shell into the tub, all she could say was… "Wow!"  She made turtle go from the top of the tub and dive down into the water, made him float, and made him sprinkle water on her!  It's a pretty lightweight toy and has tons of places to put her little hands, whether it's cupping it over the shell, holding it by the arms, feet, head, or even grabbing it by the red float.  We've really liked having Tub Time Turtle join our bath toy gang!

Fun In The Tub Collage

The Nuby Tub Time Turtle can be purchased at Amazon for $6.99. 

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  1. Colleen Fuller says:

    Cute!  Love it!!

  2. What a cute bath toy.  I was wondering how it worked.  Thanks for sharing!

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