Nuby Wacky Ware Bowl With Lid Review

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I love to get things that are not only functional but also fun to look at or play with.  So when I saw the Nuby Wacky Ware bowl , I knew I had to try it out with Kiggster.  Immediately before I could even take the package off and wash the bowl, Kiggster was jumping all over me asking to have the bowl!  We took it for a test spin during Christmas dinner with my family, which sometimes could be the ultimate test because there's always pre-dinner snacks and other things so when dinner comes around, she may not want to eat.  But throughout the night, she actually asked to use her bowl, even asking if her snacks could be put into it. 

We received the purple colored bowl and it comes with a tightly fitted lid.  This lid does not have any little plastic or silicone pieces to take apart, which I love!   It just needs to be snapped on tightly to the bowl to ensure that it's leak/spill proof.  When the lid is snapped on correctly, I have not had any trouble with it spilling or any liquids or contents leaking from it.  However, there was one time the lid did not snap all the way in on one side and when I put oatmeal that was more watery inside of it, some of the liquids did start leaking out.  So make sure that the lid is snapped in on all sides before throwing it into your bag.  The bowl is just the right size, not too deep or shallow, she can still easily get her food out from the bowl but it's deep enough where we could put some soup and other liquids into it.  The bottom of the bowl has 3 little rings that keep it balanced but also make them look like little feet on the bottom.  There are also 2 handles on the bottom and that makes it easy to feed Kiggster and hold the bowl at the same time.  I do find that if Kiggster is in one of her moods and decides to take a hand at the bowl, it will tip over more easily than one that might have a wider base, rubber or suction bottom.  I think it would have been great if the base of the bowl was rubberized to give it some traction or even bigger rings, helping to make it a little more sturdy.  

Nuby Wacky Ware Bowl Collage

The Nuby Wacky Ware Bowl WIth Lid can be purchased on Diapers Etc. for $5.70.

Kangaroo Mama was provided free product for review from the sponsor company for this posting but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. 



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  1. Wacky Ware is so fun!

  2. We love these bowls and lids!

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