Nursing Saga Part III- Nursing & Maternity Essentials: HOTmilk Review

HotMilk Sweetheart Nightie

So the saga continues…if you haven't had a chance to read the Nursing Saga Part II: Helpful Resources or Nursing Saga Part I: Breastpumps, you can click the links to read them now!  You can't share about nursing and not talk about an essential nursing component…nursing bras and sleepwear!  I have to say, I always had a hard time finding good quality and supportive bras even pre-pregnancy but when I started nursing…it was even worse!  I had gone to different cookie cutter maternity stores and department stores like Nordstroms and Motherhood to try to find nursing gear and quickly realized that there weren't very many options out there.  I bought two bras from Motherhood Maternity and of course I was measured incorrectly in the store and both the bras proved to be super uncomfortable and not very supportive.  One bra stated it was "wireless" but what I realized was it did not say it was "wire-free!"  I felt tricked because though there was no wire on the bottom of the cups, there were wires on the sides of the cups!  If you don't know, it is said that wires can be restrictive and put pressure on your milk producers and may actually contribute to increased chances of clogged ducts or mastitis, although this may not be true for every nursing mom.  Since I've not always had the best luck, I ended up getting both of the above and so I had to air on the cautious side and ditch the wired bras!  Then there was a sports bra looking nursing bra and where you lift up to nurse but I found that the elastic band also put a lot of pressure when pulled up and that actually did not feel comfortable at all.  

Then when I purchased completely wire free bras from another brand, I realized that was code for unsupportive and meant to be just a sleeping bra.  I don't know about you but I don't usually have a sleep bra and so that seemed like money down the drain for me (though some people said it helps keep nursing pads in place).  So not only was I not finding nursing bras that were supportive, wire-free, and comfortable, I also could not find any that actually looked good!  The color choices were always beige, black, and white and looked completely unattractive.  Even going to Nordstroms, their choices were limited. They had a few prettier choices but they were not very supportive in my opinion and not much coverage in terms of padding, it was made with very thin material!  So the Google search was on for the best nursing bra I could get my hands on and I was desperate since my size is also not very easy to find!

That's when I came across HOTmilk Lingerie!  I almost felt like I landed on the wrong website because there was no way I was looking at maternity and nursing bras on this site, their stuff was beautiful!  They have articles to help you determine when to buy a maternity/nursing bra, how to measure yourself guide, sizing calculator (which was totally spot on for me), Q&A section, and much more! What makes them so special?! 

We know you want to look and feel comfortable, glamorous and feminine all at the same time – so we've designed bras which allow you to do just that!  We test them extensively on real, pregnant women – and we wear them ourselves!  We source the most technologically advanced fabrics and accessories, which also happen to be fashionable and exquisitely beautiful too.  ~HOTmilk

There aren't kidding about the real, pregnant women being their testers and models because when I was researching for the bras, they had a contest going on to find their next pregnant model…without having them send any photos!  Their current model featured on their website was chosen just off their written entry!  Their bras are all wire-free unless otherwise noted because I have seen a couple being sold lately that had underwire but they were very clear in their description and product name about it being an underwire bra.  Wanna see the collection I've built of all the fun HOTmilk nursing bras?! 

So there are differences even between their nursing bras.  Just like regular bras, there are full cup and 3/4 cup bras.  Here is a picture of their 3/4 cup bra:

and their full cup bra:

My favorite is the 3/4 cup bra only because I like the option of the cup coming down completely but the full coverage ones obviously offer more support.  They carry sizes ranging from 30B-42J…pretty sure most of us can find something from that range!  So not only do they have nursing and maternity bras but also maternity and nursing sleepwear like camis, sleep tops, nighties, and bottoms!  I had actually purchased several nursing camis, sleep top, and nighties from Zulily when they had a HOTmilk sale.  I had a little issue with with 2 of the items where the thread was unraveling pretty easily near the nursing clips on the right side.  I contacted their customer service about the issue and sending some pictures, they absolutely wonderful to work with and very responsive!  Then when I let them know I had a blog, they even sent me their Flawless pants to review since I hadn't tried any of their bottoms before.  I am so glad they did because it was very different than I thought it would be from the description online!  

The color on the Flawless set is more of a rosey-pink than a red like I thought it would be but I love it!  I really like the ruffle trim at the bottom of the pants and it is actually really comfy!  If you're wondering if it will fit your height…

Yes Kiggster snuck in the pic & I'm playing the part of roll-out of bed in my PJs look!

That's for you model-esque chicks out there that are super tall, it will definitely fit!  But what about those of us who are vertically-challenged?!

I have it scrunched up all the way so I wouldn't normally wear it at that length but a little lower.  I also didn't know but love that the Flawless pants has this wonderful maternity band, which since I'm not pregnant, flip down and it makes it very comfy to wear rather than the usual elastic bands.

As for the sleep top, it is also different than what I've seen out there.  Since I live in chilly San Francisco, I definitely was all over this 3/4 length sleeve nursing sleep top!  I couldn't tell how it worked until I received it.  It's not a nursing clip but they are rows or snaps that undo and allow you to flip each side down.  My lazy self doesn't completely love all the snaps so instead I keep them all unsnapped except for the very top one and found that it still works very nicely for the middle of the night feedings!  I love that I'm not cold anymore at night trying to pull up my blanket over my arms!  Who wouldn't want good-lookin' clothes and bras even when they're pregnant or nursing?!  I know I do!  I have also decided that I am never going back to regular bras, especially not underwire ones.  I'm sticking with HOTmilk, even after nursing 'cause it's been the most comfortable thing I've come across so far!  Help, I'm addicted to HOTmilk!!!

HOTmilk Lingerie has been gracious enough to offer Kangaroo Mama fans an opportunity to win a HOTmilk nightie!  It will be given away during the 2012 Blogmania event starting on Wednesday, April 25th so stay tuned for your chance to win!  However, if you'd like to make a purchase now at HOTmilk Lingerie's website, they are offering Kangaroo Mama fans 20% off your purchase if you enter the coupon code: Mom20Kang which expires on May 31st. You will find lots of sales on their website frequently when they are clearing out their line, so right now they have 40% off their previous line so get some items before sizes start running low!  They also have free shipping worldwide for orders over $80 USD, can't get better than that!

Nightfall Nightie retails for $69.95 and will be part of the 2012 Blogmania "Mommy & Baby Dull Day Makeover" giveaway prize package starting 4/25TONIGHT!  NOW so come enter here!

Kangaroo Mama was provided the Flawless pants for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. Fulfillment and shipping of the prize is the responsibility of the sponsor company and not Kangaroo Mama.



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  1. I’m really glad to have found your post, because there are so few reviews of HOTmilk bras out there. I have several and I am having trouble fitting them, because they are all sized so differently. I take a 36H in a few, but then in some others a 36H is way too big. Did you find yours to run differently, size-wise?

    • I am so sorry but I am just seeing your comment now! I actually have not found inconsistency in sizing for the bras that I have. I have about 7 bras and they all fit me pretty well. Are your bras all the same style (demi or full coverage)? The full coverage may have more room in the cup than the demi because of the extra fabric but I haven’t noticed the band being different though. I hope that helps but if it really is a huge difference, I would email the company, I’ve had a good experience with their customer service in the past!

  2. Wow, nursing wear sure has come a long way! It's so beautiful!
    I absolutely love those pants, and since I am vertically challenged, the ruffle(synch)would be awesome(I am not pregnant & would wear them)!

    • Hi Chacoy, thanks so much for visiting! Nursing wear is definitely getting revolutionized with this company! I am also not pregnant but am wearing them and they are so comfy. I said I would save it for the next pregnancy but I may have to get some new ones because I’m wearing this one now!

  3. Wow! Those are gorgeous nursing bras! The one that I did have was so plain and bleh but I love these!

    • There definitely weren’t very many nursing bras that I found out there that were not only good for nursing and support but looked and made you feel good! That’s why I really wanted to share this line with everyone!

  4. Thank you for the awesome review. I am always looking for new ideas for nursing bras, and I can never find any that are comfortable and cute.
    Stopping by from the Newbie blog hop.


    • Hi Jessica, THanks so much for stopping by! I hope you found the review helpful and if you decide to purchase from them, it will work out really well for you! Don’t forget about their sale going on right now, along with my 20% off coupon and their free shipping with an $80 order!

  5. I am past the nursing days but remember them very well.  I loved every minute of it except for the bras!!!  

    • I love nursing too, finding the right clothes and bras had been the worst, now I have sleepwear and bras covered. Now whenever I go out with my daughter, I just have to think through what to wear that won’t be crazy annoying to nurse in public with!

  6. You know I have such a hard time finding bras.  Honestly I can't stand bras with wires though and since I'm so large chested that's almost the way it comes.  I find the wire to dig into me.  Do you ever find that with wires?

    • I totally had a hard time with bras even pre-pregnancy and not only had wires digging into me but even some that came poking out of the bras! But I didn’t feel like I had any other choice but underwires because wireless bras were so not supportive! Well, that’s why I have decided I’m wearing HOTmilk wirefree nursing/maternity bras forever now. No wires to deal with, supportive, comfortable, pretty…and they have my size! Can’t say no to that! Not sure if you’re nursing or not but I’d say if you’ve tried lots of different brands out there, you should at give this a try if your size is available. They have a sale going on right now and my 20% off coupon and free shipping with $80 purchase so, all signs point to “try it!” =P let me know how your search goes!

  7. Wish I had of had a good nusing bar, nursing bars that are good are so hard to find. I will keep this company in mind, when my friends are expecting. Thanks!!

    • They are totally hard to find, actually good bras in general are hard to find! They have been the best, I’ve tried quite a few bras in my lifetime they’ve been the best bra ever (not just nursing/maternity)!

  8. It was so hard to find a good nursing bra! I learned to stay away from the mass marketers. These look great.

    • Hi Camille, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I also stay away from mass marketers and getting measured at places like VS where the girls tell me I am one size then the next week the same girl tells me I am a completely different size! I like when I have someone helping me that is a professional or expert at their field and not just pulling numbers out of a hat!

  9. Oh man, finding nursing bras and nursing gowns were SO hard for me also! I wish I knew about this company before I stopped nursing. I will definitely keep it in mind when I decide to have another baby!
    Thanks Kangaroo Mama!


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