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Is it too obsessive to lament about a missed deal?  How about flashes of anguished regret for 2 weeks because I made a purchase at a shoe store and forgot to look for a coupon first and then finding out after my purchase that I could have gotten 20% off the whole purchase?  I could not let it go, I kept kicking myself for not having been prepared with a coupon!  I'm sure you can all tell by now that I am a shopaholic and it doesn't even matter what I am shopping for or what mode of shopping, whether it's online, catalog, in-store, live demos, or late night infomercials!  But what I love even more is saving money and using coupons, discounts, promo codes, getting freebies.  I love seeing the "here's what you saved" line on my grocery bills or my "discount amount" on my checkout cart!  

Every time I shop online, I always look for a coupon or promo code to apply to my orders.  I love free shipping, discount on my order, or freebies that get included with an order that I would have purchased anyways.  Some of my recent online purchases, I couldn’t find coupon codes for: Oriental Trading,, and Think Geek.  I refuse to let that happen again and am constantly adding coupon code sites to my list of “Check Here First” before making purchases.  I am planning on making a purchase at Think Geek soon for Father’s Day, I saw something that would be pretty perfect and have already started looking into some coupon codes I can use. has some coupon codes I already know I want to use!  So I have some choices of free gifts with my order and some of them are looking pretty funny, which I will have to re-gift for my little brother’s birthday coming up!  How about some of these Think Geek coupon codes: FREEZOMBIEBLOOD for some Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion with my $50 order? Or FREEBLOOD for Human Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion?  Better yet, with my $20 order (this is probably closer to the amount I’ll be spending), I can use DETENTION to get some Original Spitballs!  Who doesn’t love some spitballs?!  These ones though don’t require your yucky germy spit but you just soak them in water and then let them expand.  Then you chuck them at whoever your target is and they “explode into mushy parts upon impact!”  Great right?!  For my brother!  So with one order, I can take care of Father’s Day gift for Honey and birthday gift for my brother-2 for 1, my favorite! 

I’m looking forward to some more successful online shopping experiences!  Do you enjoy online shopping?  What type of coupon codes do you love most, ones for free shipping, free item, % off discount, or fixed amount discount?  Where was your last online purchase from and did you get to use a coupon code?

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