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Ok, I know you think it’s weird that I posted that but Honey and I knew we wanted to potty train Kiggster early so we bought her this little red potty training seat that can attach to the regular toilet seat or convert to a stand-alone potty seat for her.  We’ve been using it on the regular toilet.  We started this week and everytime we saw her trying to poop, we scrambled to the bathroom, snapped off her diaper and plopped her on the seat.  Yesterday we were a proud Papa and Mama, she successfully pooped twice on the potty seat!  I’m sure she would have done it on her diaper too if we didn’t put her on the seat but at least she gets used to the idea that poop goes in the toilet! She was all happy when she pooped too and then proceeded to reach over for some toilet paper…she’s watched Honey and I enough to know it.  Or she just loves TP and knows that sitting on the seat allows her easier access to the TP-whatever the motivation may be, we’re glad she’s doin’ it!  I took pictures but not sure Honey will allow me to post them-he was disturbed when I was on Amazon buying the potty seat and saw people post pix of their kids using the potty.  He said, “I’ll never do that to Kiggster!”…little did he know that he has a wife who loves to document everything with pictures!

You may have to watch the following video sideways but I don’t know how to fix it!  This was her late at night after storytme with Honey and I.  She was getting a diaper change and just loved practicing standing up!  Adorable even late at night!

So last weekend we went to our garden to water and harvest.  Unfortunately, our tomatoes have been so out of control that it’s shaded our snap peas and so our peas how died and are no longer salvageable!  Some of our strawberries also started drying up too…so sad!  We have lots of tomatoes but they are all green and have not yet rippened-I hope they rippen!  Our summer squash has gotten crazy-a bit like they were steroid-injected , at least the leaves are!

 To the right of us is our garden-so lush huh?! But mostly it’s from our crazy tomatoes!

Here’s Kiggster next to our summer squash!

Then in the midst of weeding the garden plot, we plucked this long “weed” and when the whole thing came out, we realized it was one of our carrots!!!  So we had no idea it was there but it had been so long, we didn’t think anything would grow for the carrots.  Who knows, but we may have “de-weeded” all our carrots not knowing they were actually growing.  It’s been about 5 months and that little carrot barely showed up.  It’s one of our cosmic red carrots (red skin, orange flesh) and looked pretty nice.  Kiggster was scrapping on the carrot like a little farmer!


Can you see how tiny the carrot is?!


Carrots have this interesting “herby” taste, especially the stems that are attached and Kiggster seemed to enjoy it very much!  After she was done scrapping and sucking on the carrot, Honey and I got a little sampling of the tiny carrot and we had to say, it was the tastiest carrot we’d ever had!  We harvested a lot of our Chard and still have more growing!  Hope our garden still continues to grow but we should probably consider planting new things for Fall!


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