Origins of the Name

So my husband asked me, “Why Kangaroo Mama?”  That’s a good question because I had a hard time thinking of what to call my blog for a a long time (hence why I had another excuse for the delay of starting a blog).  I was pumping milk for my little sweetie pie at work and thought of her when I came up with the name.  I am such a fan of baby-wearing (that’s just my choice, though it might not be for everyone).

When she was first born, I could not purchase a sling fast enough because she would not sleep unless she was in our arms and didn’t even want to be set down.  That made it hard for my husband and I to do anything around the house.  We thought we might not need one so we waited to make the purchase . . . well, we definitely needed one!  It was such a lifesaver to have one and she would sleep for so long when I carried her in the sling that it just seemed like a no brainer to continue using it.  We’ve done a lot together with her in a sling – wash dishes, do laundry, cook dinner, play piano, surf the net for discounts on baby stuff, make photobooks, watch tv, take walks, sit in church, dance . . . and even take naps together!  Now that I am back to work, the sling allows me to be close to her all night long without sacrificing time to do other things like cook and have dinner with my husband.

I feel like a kangaroo carrying my baby around everywhere I go, all the while still being able to accomplish a lot of other things during my day.  Well, that’s how Kangaroo Mama began!

Hmmm, I feel like Kanga carrying around Roo in her pouch!  =D

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