Our Lil’ Pumpkin

So 2 weekends in a row, we went to a pumpkin patch.  This time, we went to Arlata Farms in Half Moon Bay and invited Kow-Gong and the kids (this time it was only Vivian and Derek).  We had such a blast together on Saturday.  They met us after Kiggster’s swim lesson, which by the way, she is enjoying more and more.  She even was laughing when Honey took her in the pool!  We braved the traffic into HMB 2 weekends in a row but since it’s after her swimming, it was good because she gets really tired and sleepy right afterwards!  So just a warning, there will be lots of photos in this posting, so don’t use a slow computer!

So of course after an hour in traffic, we finally arrived and were about ready to eat off our own arms!  We ate at Chez Shea and thoroughly enjoyed our meal!  The company and the food.

Whatcha want?! I just woke up!
What do you guys think you’re doing?!


I love how cool Kiggster looks in those two pictures, she even has a little “bounce” in her hair!

 That was her sneeze film roll!  Hehe

 Here we are having lots of energetic fun!
 Ok, now you guys are just boring me!
Let me do the entertaining & pass out the smiles!


 That’s what happens when I don’t get what I want!  How dare my water get taken away!  Look at this face, doesn’t it look too cute to say no to?!  *sniff sniff*

Ok, everything’s back to normal, carry-on folks, I’m ok now!
This was hanging right above our table-don’t think Kiggster used it!

 We love food… A LOT!  I love how she tilts her head up when she takes a bite of food from a fork or a spoon!



I’m also a pro at drinking from a straw!  Wanna see me be really serious about it?!


So stinkin’ adorable right?!

Wanna see me do a yoga pose?!


Woohoo! My 1st time walking on the street!  And in case you’re wondering why I’m no longer wearing pants, its because it was SUPER hot in HMB and mommy & daddy were dressing me for colder weather.  Yup, they dressed me for warm weather for Lemos Farm and it wasn’t hot and now they dressed for cold weather and it was really hot!!!  Luckily the no shoes, no shirt, no pants policy doesn’t apply to cute babies like me!
We finally get to Arlata Farms and there’s a whole bunch of cool craziness!

 We didn’t get to go in this cool looking Hay Maze ’cause it was a whoppin’ $8/person but we did go here instead…

That was the corn field, not as impressive as the Hay Maze, but still had lots of fun in it and it was free!  Then we went to watch a sword fight-for free too!
Where’s Derek?!
Oh, there he is! 

Man down!!!

 Why am I sitting on a pumpkin?!

But I like that one better!

Remember last year, same time, when Honey and I went to another pumpkin farm and I had my pregnant self next to Honey holding a pumpkin?!  These 2 pictures are tribute to that!  I will find that photo from last year and update this post another time!


How cruel is Kow-Gong, he stuck me in a hay-hole! There are spiders in here and it’s poking me all over!  Get me outta here!

That’s what he deserves!



She telling me to be quiet?!
It was heavier than he anticipated!

 Did Kow-Gong’s brain suddenly get bigger and Daddy’s tummy growing too?!

This picture looks like it belongs on a kid’s clothing ad!


Oh I’m tired now!  Hope you enjoyed walking through my day at the pumpkin patch and viewing all my cuteness!  Love you guys, toodles!

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