P…P…P…Poker Face

Oh I mean poker champ! So apparently I’ve got a poker champ on my hands.  About 2 weeks ago (I did say I was behind on posting), Kiggy was hanging out with Daddy & Grandma (my MIL) at her house.  They wanted to keep her entertained, which seems to be everyone’s only goal & purpose these days, so they sat her on a high chair and  grabbed at the first thing on the table – an electronic poker game!  So she seemed to like it a lot – I guess the sounds and the buttons are a hit!  Let’s just hope this isn’t predicting her future career.  I can only imagine . . . “Mommy I’ve decided that I’d like to go to college and get a degree in poker!”  I know I’m supposed to be supportive of whatever career she chooses and I told myself I wouldn’t try and interfere.  But man, now that she’s here I can’t help but want to “guide” her down the right path!  I guess I can see why my structural engineering dad was soooo crushed when I told him I was switching from a structural engineering major to Chinese studies.  If I remember correctly, his words were, “You’re Chinese, why would you major in Chinese studies?”  Hehe, I ask myself that too!


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