Partners in Crime

Oh, I mean Partners in Fun!  Ok so this past Saturday, Honey not only watched the Kiggster but also took in Gabi for a good chunk of the morning while us moms went to a bible study group.  Boy did he have his hands full with those two.  We both thought he was gonna call us begging for us to come back soon.  Well, instead, we came back to the house after the bible study with Gabi and Kiggster playing in the living room together.  Seems pretty innocent right?!  Then I go to download photos and see these…

Sorry for all the blurry photos…soon maybe soon, I’ll get a better camera!!!  So don’t be fooled by the innocent looking children in this photo, combined, they can be the cutest little terrors!  So apparently Gabi is the “finder” because she can find things that you think you’ve lost or you think you’ve hidden well.  She “found” our wipes stash underneath our cabinet and pulled them out to play with.  But guess who also enjoyed playing with the wipes…

Yup, that’s the Kiggster holding onto the bag of wipes with her death grip!  So they both kept themselves and each other pretty well entertained that morning according to Honey!

It always starts off so innocent… just holding the bag of wipes (Kiggster) or the pretty little chapstick (Gabi), then it progresses to something else when they figure out it contains loads of fun!  So remember I said they both were “playing” in the living room when we got home?!  Well, Honey found them “toys” to play with in my scrapbooking bin!  He finally found a use for my bin of stickers and let ’em both at it, along with some crayons, and paper!  Kiggster had stickers stuck on her by Gabi but she was pretty busy tearin’ up some papers and realizing that she really liked the way paper sounded crinkled and torn!  I think this morning I found a sticker laying on the floor of one of the rooms and on a shoe somewhere!  Then throughout the weekend, I couldn’t find one of my yellow shoes because 2 days later I found the missing one inside Kiggster’s closet.  Or that pretty little chapstick in the picture that I usually keep on my nightstand, only to discover it in the living room.  Let’s just say, I was kinda thrown off over the weekend when little stuff wasn’t where I remember putting it!  Oh kids, they’re so darn cute but man, they know how to do some damage…innocently of course!


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