Pastry Chef in the Baking

Our Kiggster is changing, growing, and learning so quickly, it’s cool and scary at the same time!  So yesterday, Honey was cooking in the kitchen and guess who was hanging out there with him?!  Kiggster took out my set of mixing bowls from the cabinet, went to the dishwasher to grab a spoon…or two, and started mixing away in the bowls next to him.  He said she was doing that for the longest time and she was so focused she didn’t even notice us staring at her.  So of course, I ran to grab the video cam and she wasn’t so focused after that but you should get the gist!

I’d like an order of fresh baked goodies please!  Anything you’d like?!

I started a posting for Thanksgiving but as you can tell it’s been a little while since I last posted and the information prior was out to date already!  Thanksgiving was awesome!  Last year, we didn’t really get to do much or go anywhere with a newborn and life was still hectic trying to figure out her needs.  This year, she’s walkin’, talkin’, and over the place so we had loads of fun together.  On Tuesday, we had an early dinner with Honey’s family and it was a nice and quiet one.  We liked that, we just got to sit, talk, and eat…although Honey did watch some Lord of the Rings!  Then on Thursday, we had what Tina called a “small” Thanksgiving dinner with 18 people!  Your typical small and quiet Chinese family Thanksgiving dinner…NOT!  We had every bird and animal under sun at the dinner table and everyone left with leftovers for the next 5 days.  My favorite picture of Kiggster from that night?!

 Not sure what she was opening her mouth for but I guess I wasn’t feeding her fast enough!  So favorite picture of Honey and I from that night?!
Doesn’t this look so romantic?!  That is until you see the big picture…
He caught me with dessert in my hand…I was so cheating!
That was my guilty-as-charged look but hoping if I stared hard enough, he would forget he saw it!
When mind-tricks fail, bribery usually works!
There are way too many photos to post, maybe later I can post highlights but for now, here is one of our “small” Thanksgiving group…
Honey and I have come to realize that Kiggster doesn’t do well with lots of people.  She loves people and she is ok around crowds but not crowds that hover over her and want her attention.  I guess Honey was right, she’s not cut out to be a baby model because people would be all over her to “perform” a certain way. She was so overwhelmed with people wanting to carry her, play with her, smile at the camera, play with toys that she just cried and was clinging to me for security.  The moment everyone departed home and it was just the grandparents, Yee-Yee, and Honey and I, she was walking, talking, and playing with her toys.  This was almost 10pm at night and she was even dancing to music from her toy!  I think for the next big party, we will need to let everyone know to “ignore” her and let her do her thing so that she can seen in her natural environment.  Especially since she’s learned to walk, she doesn’t really like being carried very much but wants to explore her surroundings.  Hope you all enjoyed your wonderful holiday weekend!  I think I’m ready for another one already!

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