Pearly Whites

Kiggster loves brushing her teeth!  She only has 2 teeth fully grown out so far but there’s 2 more up top that are starting to come out.  She seems to be doing this thing lately that makes Honey and I believe she’s grinding her teeth…except there’s barely anything above to grind against!  Hopefully that will stop but maybe it’s just a phase right now.  She found our travel toothbrush one day under the sink that I packed into a ziplock bag full of other travel amenities.  Every since that one time, she’s loved putting the toothbrush in her mouth, occasionally she sucks on it but most of the time she actually is “brushing” her teeth…and gums!  Maybe she watches us do it all the time and wants a piece of the action too. 


She always looks so innocent before she does something mischievous!


She’s a pro now at brushing her teeth.  The last birthday party she went to for one of her BFFs, she was given a child’s toothbrush and we let her brush her teeth with that one now instead of this adult one, although she still enjoys pulling stuff out from the cabinets and using stuff she finds from there!

Lately, she also loves clicking her tongue with the top of her mouth to make a bunch of noises.  Then when you copy her, she’ll copy you, then you’ll copy her again, and she’ll copy you again-and laugh the whole time! Too cute!

Po-Po recently made her a bunch of knit hats that were super duper cute.  However, the only issue these days is that Kiggster doesn’t seem to like it when we put things on her head.  She’ll try to rip it off and in the process pull her own hair!  She’s been doing this with hats, headbands, and clips!



So in the time that it took to take the pictures, she’d already gotten the hat off and we couldn’t get her to keep it on.  This was during one of our family walks near the Embarcadero.  So that was hat #1 from the collection that grandma made for her.  Then when we were going to walk around our neighborhood, we tried a different hat that time!



Notice how the hat is still on the whole time during the pictures?!  It’s because she tried to take it off but couldn’t!  The hat was too thick for her tiny fingers to pry off so she gave up after awhile.  The hat is so cute, it looks like she’s ready to hit the slopes!  My little snow bunny, can’t wait to take her up to the snow someday and have her make snow angels.  Hmmm, her birthday is near winter so maybe we need a vacation somewhere in the snow…


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