Peek-a-Boo Tuesday

Wow, it was a really short long weekend!  I can’t believe it’s Tuesday and I’m back here at work pumping!  Apparently my sister likes to tell her friends all about how I like to P&B (pump & blog) at the same time.  There are a couple things that I’ve learned through motherhood: 1) to have no shame and 2) to be an extreme multi-tasker…you think any of those skills and characteristics would fly on a job resume?!  It’s funny that her friends couldn’t believe I could pump & blog at the same time and how I had a handy hands-free tool, only for me to come to work and discover my tool missing from my bag!  Well, I had to put that multi-tasking to the test…pumping without the tool while typing can be done, but just takes a little more effort & time!  Wouldn’t wanna do it again tomorrow but glad I know I can do it in the future if I’m ever in a pinch again.

So onto Kiggster after a lot of Kangaroo Mama TMI!  She loves to play pekk-a-boo these days and last week, Honey caught some of the game on camera!

 Hey where did Kiggster go?!  Can anyone find her?!



Sleeping Beauty:
So whenever we are at a loud, crowded, bright, or over-stimulating place with the Kiggster and she needs to take her nap, I have to throw the nursing cover over her and try to rock her to sleep.  It seems to be the only way to remove her from all the “fun” happening around her! Last week at church, there were so many babies laughing and playing around and with her in class that she had a hard time napping.  On went the nursing cover and then…



After a little bit of rocking underneath the cover, she finally fell asleep and when I put her down on the blanket, she was knocked out!  That first picture makes her look super long!

Here’s some random cute photos of her…


 One of the handmade items we found at the Baby Fair-she looks so cute in the hat.  I wish I was crafty enough to make one for her!


So after our bath times, we put lotion on in the crib…she likes to pull herself up to the rail and stare at herself in the mirror!  She enjoys looking at and talking to her own reflection-they’re like BFFs!


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