Penguin Papa’s Birthday Extravaganza

So Penguin Papa is, you guessed it, Roderick.  I’m Kangaroo Mama and he’s Penguin Papa, which makes the Kiggster a Pengaroo!  So we celebrated his birthday this weekend since weekdays are workdays. =(  But hopefully he still had a blast!  I wanted to have something almost everyday for him leading up to his birthday so it would be an extended celebration. 

We went out with his family on Thursday evening for Pizza at Gaspares and he liked it a lot!  I enjoyed the Eggplant Parmigiana and Minestrone soup a lot.  The Kiggster enjoyed herself a lot there and was so well behaved.  Maybe because she knows it’s a celebration!

That’s my MIL & FIL w/ Kiggy

The family at Gaspares

So that night the Kiggster and I gave him a gift…she handed it to him!  We made him gift certificates for things like full day of no diaper duty, uninterrupted evening/morning of sleep, etc.  She was so cute holding his present…

Surprise Daddy!

I have a present for you!

She even got the ribbon to untie before handing it to him-ok more like throwing it at him but hey, she held it and got his attention that’s a huge step!

She’s excited for Daddy to open it!

I had to tie the ribbon again for the pictures

Now onto Saturday, no pictures from today for his birthday but I’ll post again maybe tomorrow with unrelated Saturday photos.  He woke up to a card that had a nature theme on it that I made.  We were supposed to go for an outdoor picnic/BBQ or just a nature hike but rain wasn’t on our side (no not Rayne).  It was crazy windy and wet outside so we stayed indoors instead and had family over.  That’s a whole other post in itself-actually maybe 2 different postings. 


Today we wanted to go out to SF Sunday Streets if it wasn’t raining.  We packed our lunches and went to church that morning.  Right after our church service (we go to BACC if you’re curious or happen to be looking for a church), we were going to head out right away but the Kiggster falls asleep in our arms on the way back to the car.  Uh, that leaves us with two choices, stay around the area to eat lunch so she can sleep longer or put her in the carseat, wake her up, and drive to the Embarcadero.  We decided for the less intrusive option, find a spot to eat lunch there.  Well, all the outdoor spots were wet from the rain yesterday, the cafe at the corner was filled and no chairs were left outside for us to sit at and after walking up and down the block a couple times, we decided she was probably in her deep sleep by now and it was safe to head in the car.  We drove to Embarcadero and found parking near our favorite cafe, Crossroads Cafe.  We decide to get a pot of tea from the cafe and site inside to eat our lunch…hehehe, sneaky I know but it was the least expensive indoor option for us.  We love their Green Tea Garden tea-yummy, went well with our brown bag lunches!  Actually we had a very nice lunch bag thanks to my friend Caitlyn who got it for me as a return-to-work gift!  Thanks Caitlyn!  We sat and talked and ate together while the Kiggster just played in her stroller and then ate too! 


Then we headed off to the closed street (it was only closed on 1 side of the street) but it was awesome just to walk without being crowded by cars.  There were street performers and people biking with HUGE speakers in tow, unicycles, a 2 person bicycle that looked like a tree with a speaker at the top of the “branch.” Only in SF will you see wacky and cool things like that!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time walking down the Embarcadero.  We didn’t make it all the way down to Pier 39, probably where all the free bike & rollerskate rentals were, but it was a nice walk and it didn’t rain on us!

Kiggy enjoyed jammin’ to 1 of the street performers!

So we’re kinda four-star hotel lobby loiterers!  We like finding really nice hotels that we would never pay to stay in and chill out in their lobbies eating our lunch, dinner, and/or snacks!  We went to wind down our trip at the Hyatt lobby and Kiggy loved it.  She wouldn’t stop starring at all the strings of lights coming down from their ceiling, it was too cute!

This morning I gave him a box of chocolates that I made for him.  I didn’t tell him what was inside them but they’re actually his favorite Trader Joe’s Chili Mangos.  I put them inside and covered them with chocolate so now they’re chocolate covered chili mangos!  I hope they turned out good!  I hope he doesn’t read this before he tries one, that would spoil the surprise!  Oh and tonight my sister, Tina, was nice enough to offer babysitting Kiggy while we went out!  Thanks Tina!  It will be nice to take a walk together after dinner but I hope Tina is ready for those diapers this time…she had her steppin’ in her own poop the last time she wanted to learn how to change diapers! =D
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you!

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