Perfect Beach Day

The pail was from her BFF, Bella’s bday party!

So on Wednesday I shared about our Saturday beach day on my 366 project posting for Day #.  I showed a picture of her battle wound from the dog but there was so much more from her day than just that.  She had a blast at the beach and the dog incident couldn’t have been further from her mind once she got a hold of the sand.  I do have to say, I have such a brave girl and tough one at it, she gets hurt so often tripping over toys, falling of the bed and couches, getting shots and blood drawn at the doctor’s, hits her head under the table, gets scratched by a dog…and she knows it hurts and will cry a little but immediately following that, she goes right back to playing like she could care less about her pain.


I loved our beach day together last week and I can’t wait until we get more time like that together.  You think this weekend will be nice?


I absolutely love her cute little lips and squeezable little cheeks!


Her enjoying time in the sand.  It was so hard to get the sand and broken shell pieces off her after our outing but she loved it!

I absolutely adore photos of Honey and Kiggster’s interaction together!


I love how she leads the charge into the water.  She also loves sand painting!


Whoa, here come the waves!!!


All wet and running back to home base!

Well, that concluded our wonderful beach day!  We had to attend to some cleaning afterwards ’cause as you can see, someone’s got wet butt syndrome!!!


Any plans for the weekend?  We usually celebrate Vday early (since it’s on Tuesday next week) but we don’t have babysitting lined up and have no idea if anyone is even free.  So we will have to see what we can come up with or it may get postponed to next week.  We’re not huge fans of celebrating Vday out on the actual date because it’s such a scam from businesses so we usually stay in anyways but it would’ve been nice to go out this weekend.  Any special Vday plans or crafts?  I actually made some cards online for Honey for free through and Tiny Prints and they actually turned out awesome.  I can’t wait to give them to him (maybe one this weekend and the other on the actual day).  I know he won’t read this posting till like after Vday…he’s behind, so I know I’m safe to share that I have cards for him.  But just in case, I won’t post what they look like!


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