Peter & The StarCatcher: An Imagination-Filled Performance

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I had actually watched the clip about Peter and The StarCatcher awhile back and knew I wanted to go see it when it came to San Francisco but it wasn’t going to be for awhile.  So it wasn’t until I received the invitation for the show that I remembered and I excitedly RSVP’d for the show.  I realized going to the show that I had no idea what I was getting myself into because all I really knew was that Peter and The StarCatcher was the prequel to Peter Pan.  So going into our blogger pre-show event, I was able to meet some of the cast for that night’s show and find out what they enjoy about the show.20131108_183804I had no idea but Peter and The StarCatcher was  actually a show put on by only 12 cast members even though they play over a hundred characters.  Plus every song, noise, and sound effect is made by all the cast members and 2 musicians!  There is not many costume changes or elaborate sets but it calls the audience to use their imagination through the characters.  They use props but even those same props are reused throughout the play for multiple purposes and they are very cleverly used!

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Something as simple as a piece of rope is used to ask the audience to imagine the characters in a cramped space or turned around to be used on the “ship’s deck.”  There was not a dull moment from the start of the play to the end.  Honey and I loved all the clever jokes, play on words, and silliness!  I loved learning how Peter Pan came to be and who Black Stache becomes.

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What are you waiting for?!  This is a must see show and it’s playing in San Francisco at the Curran Theater from now until December 1st.  If like me, you hadn’t been the Curran Theater before, you will fall in love with the architecture inside.  The Curran has beautiful and intricate details from the ceiling down to the nice plush seats.  You can buy tickets to Peter and The Starcatcher online here.

Let me know if you end up watching the show and what you thought about it!


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