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So I discovered a new blog that I love, PhotoBookGirl.  I’ve always wanted to scrapbook, make photobooks, and put printed pictures in albums, but never really did any of it.  I did 1 scrapbook page in the 7 years that my husband and I have known each other and said it would be a scrapbook of our dating years. . . 7 years after dating, 5 years after marrying, and 4 months after having a baby together. . . only 1 scrapbook page!  Then when we were cleaning the office/junk room to prepare for the baby, we realized we had A LOT of printed photos that were still sitting inside the original packages (Walgreens, Longs, Costco, Ritz, etc).  So we spent a lot of time putting them into the empty photo albums that I’d bought for us many years ago.  Then there were lots of CDs of unprinted images because we discovered the joys of a digital camera several years ago.  But I didn’t want to print more pictures and just have them sit around not being made into a scrapbook-that’s where digital scrapbooking/photobook making comes into play.  PhotoBookGirl makes it easy for you to find the photobook company that fits your style and needs and also budget!  She takes all the hardwork out of finding the right companies because she has some extensive reviews on all of them, their software, print quality, etc.  She has a sweet giveaway right now so head over there and enter!

When I get the photobooks in that I’ve made, I will share some pictures of the books.  So far I’ve finished and printed 2 6×6 books from Artscow and 2 mini books from MyPublisher.  I plan on finishing a photobook from Picaboo and 2 more for Artscow.  I only started making photobooks this month and lets just say I’m on a roll!



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  1. Michelle F. says:

    I love photobooks. A great way to view your pictures whenever you want.

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