Ok, I’ve totally  been having blogging withdrawals!  It’s been such a hectic couple days and I haven’t had internet access during the days at the end of last week!  Kiggster has had a lot of amazing breakthroughs this week, can you guess what they are?!

Last week around the beginning of the week, she started “kissing” me back!  I usually lean up to her really close and pucker up making smacking noises and say MMMMM-UAH!  She usually giggles and leans in to try to lick me!  But as of last week, she leans in, opens her mouth, and says, “AAAAAAA-AH!”  She has done it almost everytime that I lean in and pucker up!  SSSSSSSSOOOOOO CUTE!

Then on Friday, she started waving hi and bye!  She doesn’t do this one every single but has done it at least twice each of these last couple days.  Whenever one of us is leaving the house (Honey or I), we stand outside holding her, waving bye and biding farewell.  Or when we open her door in the car to take her out, we wave hi to her excitedly.  So these last couple days, she’s waved bye when one of us was leaving the house.  Then she waved hi twice to us when we were going to get her from her carseat-she was very excited to get out.  Then when I took her out of her room and she saw Honey, she waved hi excitedly to him!  It’s so exciting to see both her and Honey waving to me as I leave for work in the mornings!  I will have to try to capture those on video sometimes but I’m having trouble with that because everytime the camera comes out, she wants to touch it and put it in her mouth! 

So last week Sunday, we were leaving our church conference in Santa Clara and stopped over at a park for lunch with Ngin-Ngin (she was carpooling with us).  She got to sit on her very first swing!  She didn’t seem to enjoy the swing as much, maybe she wasn’t quite in the mood for it that day. 





She looks very serious in these pictures, guess we’ll have to try another activity!  How about the slide?!




Daddy looks like he’s having more fun on the slide huh?!  Hmmm, so we still couldn’t crack a smile from that girl so far at the playground.  How about…


It was a music area underneath the playground! 


From this angle, it kinda looks like a baby jail!


So far she looks like she’s enjoying but you think we can get a smile from this one?!


Looks like one may be coming on…



She figured out that if she grabbed the bars and moved them around, they made music!  She liked that a lot!!!  She was so cute playing with them after that!


Our cutie patootie!  Honey likes to make these “treasure boxes” or “treasure troves” for the Kiggster and each day when I come home, she has a new one!  There’s one in her room, the living room, our room…everywhere.  So if you hand her something, she won’t want it or want to play with it, but the moment you put it away into her treasure box, she takes it out herself and she can’t get enough of it!  He puts random stuff in there from around the house-lately she loves the cap from her baby bottle and her baby sock!  So I got an email from Honey today and this is how the email read…
Those curious fingers can’t get enough to pull out of the box slits! Did you know you have more than 20 underwear?
It was followed with this picture…

Hands in the air Missy, you’ve been caught underwear-handed! I have these storage boxes in my closet that have cut-outs for the handles and she has discovered that if she sticks her hands in the handle, she can pull out stuff, just like in her treasure boxes!  Well, one of those boxes houses all my underwear and one-by-one she was pulling them all out.  Apparently, I have a lot! 

I can’t wait to see her again later to see what new things she’s discovered.  Honey and I have learned that we are seeing the world in a whole new way through her.  She definitely brings light on this depressing and stressful world! 


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