Poops I Did It Again

Who me?! No, it was Britney!

So I’ve come to the conclusion that everytime Kiggy sees her YeeYee (Aunt Tina) she has some major “blow-outs!”  Tina bought her this little onesie that says, “I Love My Aunt” and wanted to make sure I had her wear it the last time we went out last week.  Well, let’s just say right before we headed out the door to see my family, Kiggy popped some popcorn (it sounds and feels like it too) for her YeeYee all over that new onesie.  We had to change her diaper, pants, shirt-EVERYTHING before heading out.  Well, the shirt now has a stain but I knew Tina still wanted to see it on her though so on Thursday, the hottest day of the year so far, I put her in that long-sleeve onesie and long pants!

She was sweatin’ bullets…I wasn’t thinking ’cause I’m just used to bundling her up and not having to worry about warm weather!  Well, everytime Tina holds her, she feels the popcorn popping…Kiggy likes giving her aunt some nice warm colorful gifts!  Then this weekend when she saw her aunt, I had to do so many wardrobe changes…not because I wanted her to do a fashion show, although that can be fun too, but because she had “blow-outs” and leak outs from her diapers onto her clothes all weekend long!  When Tina was over yesterday evening (thanks for hanging out with me!), we changed her clothes about 3 times just at night!  No pictures from last nite ’cause it’s all on her YeeYee’s camera!  The ones below are from last weekend and this Thursday.

I’m just kidding Tina, it’s not you, I just have a really healthy baby!  I took her to the library on Saturday and boy did we have a fun time there!  She had a major blow-out while we were there and what happens-I have only 1 wipe left in the container!  Dry and thin 1-ply toilet paper just doesn’t cut it at the library with no changing table!  Of course her cute little outfit didn’t last more than 3 hours, good thing I caught some photos before hand…

Britney’s got nothin’ on me, I’m so much cuter!

 Bye everyone, till the next adventure!

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