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So there’s just too many pictures to not blog for such a long time so I’m sneaking in a pre-flight posting!  I’m nervous about our first flight together as a family of 3 (not that Honey and I have taken too many together either) but I’m trying to be as prepared as possible!  She has her own suitcase and even encroaching into Honey and I’s shared suitcase space too!  Man, this little girl takes up a lot of space!
Kiggster has been doing lots of standing these days.  She enjoys pulling herself up using just about anything that helps, whether it’s her crib railing, foam cube, sofa, comforter, empty box, Honey and I…anything.  Here she is standing without our assistant against the couch…


I’m so good, I can do it w/1 hand!
She pulled herself up using the comforter as her aid and then stood there for a good long while letting mamarazzi take some pics!

She has lots of “favorite” toys, especially when we rotate them around so they seem new to her all the time.  Notice in the picture above there’s a Sun Chips bag?!  Nope, Honey and I never ate those chips but his parents had that bag of chips at their house and it is the LOUDEST chip bag ever known to mankind!  It’s supposedly compostable so it’s made with a different material than other bags.  After his family finished the chips, Honey washed out the bag and it became her new toy!  It’s been over a week now and it’s still as crinkly and loud as ever!  She also has a Freddie the Firefly toy that she absolutely adores and I bought it for her when picked it out herself at like 2 months old or something!  She literally picked it herself!  There were many other toys and she had no reaction to any of them except for firefly.  I had to let her play with something while I was at Newborn Connections.  I wasn’t going to buy anything but when I saw how attached she was to firefly and how happy she was with it, I had to reconsider!  At 8 months old, she still enjoys Freddie the Firefly…




 I stuck some extra rings on the toy so that I could attach it to her carseat so that even if it “fell,” she could pull it back up by the rings!  Well, Honey likes to use the rings to make Freddie “fly.”  That always makes Kiggster laugh when Freddie flies around her and she tries to catch it!  It’s a cute little game they play!

Alright, hope you all enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you when we get back from LA! XOXO


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