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So I haven’t had time to upload photos from the camera but I only have a few pics on my phone that I took.  This week has been super crazy, in a good and a bad kinda way.  Just when I thought my milk supply was just perfect for the amount she was drinking and saving for those rainy days…BAM, the bad news hits me like huge 16 wheeler going 100 mph!  So usually milk storage guidelines aren’t hard and fast but more of a range (ie. refrigerated breastmilk lasts 5-8 days), well let’s just say mine doesn’t quite make it to even the 5 days.  By day 4, it should be chucked.  Honey just let me know this week that my refrigerated milk hasn’t been lasting past 3 days and when he defrosted some of the stored and frozen milk, they also weren’t very good.  *sigh*  I guess stock-piling didn’t really work for me.  I felt so crushed, that stuff really is like liquid gold and I felt like someone just gave me the news that I was robbed or my whole life savings just got lost in the stock market…you get my jist! 

Good thing is that I’m taking the rest of my bonding time (6 days) this coming week so that I can spend it with Honey and Kiggster before Honey’s classes start again on the 23rd!  We’ve been trying to find nice but cheap places to stay at on our little roadtrip up north but it’s been proving to be quite difficult during summer days.  Let’s see where we end up and what we see.  I just know, we’re gonna have fun and relax…away from work and the busy-ness of things!  Of course being out of the office means doing LOTS of work before I go, so it’s been hard to find time to even blog…sad, I know! 

I’ve been thinking about a haircut since…before Kiggster was born, like around October I wanted already get it cut  but she came early.  Now, 10 months later, I’m finally gonna get it done!!!!  Unfortunately, the place I wanted to go, they’re booked for the next 2 months! No bueno!  So Honey decided he had enough of me complaining, whining, moping about not getting a haircut or finding a good place, he goes on Yelp and did his own search, then even booked me an appointment!  Crazy, right?!  He picked the place & person with what he thought were the best reviews but the ultimate deciding factor was an Asian chick who said she had difficult hair and hard to please and loved her cut.  What’s he trying to say about me?!  Well, I’m going tomorrow…though he was surprised that I’m following through with it.  I’m just really happy he went through the trouble to find me a place and hey, worse comes to worse, hair grows back!  Wish me luck!

 This is Kiggster and her famous lower lip pout!  Love it!

Here is Kiggster riding on top of her Yee-Yee!  Poor Tina, probably got a couple bald spots after that, but only because she loves her!  Don’t know if you can tell but Kiggster even has her toes curled around Yee-Yee’s hair!  Those toes are famouse for pulling grass to shreds…eeek for the hair!  This was at Yee-Po’s birthday dinner at Shabu Lounge (Yee-Po, send us some pics, this is all I have from that night)! We realized that night that Kiggster enjoys herself some spicy food!  We gave her lamb, beef, chicken, napa cabbage, king trumpet mushrooms, and spinach cooked in spicy miso base and she couldn’t get enough!  We’ve got an adventurous eater for sure!

We will miss you all while we are on our roadtrip but if we can blog, we’ll share a couple pictures, but our goal is to have a family retreat so blogging may have to take a backseat!  Love you all, see you when we get back!


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