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Ok, I haven’t had use of the computer (at least not the Windows side) to download pictures, Honey’s had a midterm and homework to tackle this week so I’ve been laying low on the computer to let him work on his stuff.  Although he’s been tempting to just buy me my own so I don’t have to wait until midnight or later to use it!  Any suggestions for a portable, small “computer” that allows me to blog, surf the net, upload photos from a camera and maybe somewhere down the line, use photoshop and make photobooks?  Oh and don’t let me forget…for cheap!

Today will be random photos that I had on my phone that I never shared with you guys, hope it ties you guys over for the weekend!  We might go to the pumpkin patch again this weekend but this time we want to go back to the same one we went to last year when we were still pregnant with her.  Anyone wanna join us?!

So now that it’s getting chillier out, we can finally try to put all those knit hats on her that Po-Po made her!  This one we had laying in the car, good thing ’cause it got cold at the zoo and we needed something for her!


She’s holding the cards they give you to check out  your photos.

Can you tell she’s serious about it?!  I love those serious brows of hers!  Haha


She’s totally in love with nature.  It doesn’t matter if we’re out and about and there’s lots to look at, she’s in our arms, in the stroller, in the carrier…wherever, she wants some grass or leaves in her hands!  So instead of a security blanket, her’s are leaves, grass, and flowers.  She will actually hold it tight and has been known to go a WHOLE day, even through her naps, holding the same leaves.  Near near our bed, we have a sprinkling of leaves-which are all dried up and browning now!


Here she is knocked out after a long morning of swimming.  She was playing with her rattle for like a hot second but then things got quiet…then we came back and knew why!  I can’t wait to go back and see her soon.  She’s been wanting to walk a lot-little 2 or 3 steppers but she is a trooper and persistent!  Hope you all have a good weekend, are you guys ready for Halloween yet?!  I’m getting that black onesie soon to complete her costume but hopefully it will come in early next week so I can just be done with it and breathe a sigh of relief!  Toodles! 


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