Random Wednesday

Who you starin’ at?!

Ok, so for our Wednesday post today, I’ve decided to put some random photos of her from last week.  They don’t fall into any specific theme except just cute!  She is doing so well sitting up it’s amazing!  I still always think she’s gonna fall over but then she’ll magically hoist herself back up with her arms!  AND she’s sitting up so straight, her posture is impeccable!

Yeah, I know how to have fun!

She is so talkative and giggly these days it’s addictive.  Every morning before I leave to work, I just love giving her some snuggly kisses and taking a big whiff of her…I’m tellin’ ya, I need my Rayne-crack or I’ll go through some serious withdrawals!  In the past, she would laugh sometimes when you snuggled up in her neck and made air-fart noises, but now, it’s non-stop and contagious! 

Are you checkin’ me out?!

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful!

Don’t you love that she has a million different expressions?!  Every picture of her looks so different.  Just the 2 on top-one makes her have chubby cheeks and the other makes her look like her head is slighty smaller.  I can’t wait to go home and see her soon! 

Alright, enough now!

That annoying mamarazzi & her camera!!!


Did I get it?! Is it off now?!
I thought I said “No Mas!” Now the model isn’t happy!

 Well, of course, every beautiful and loved supermodel needs her beauty rest after a long and tiring photoshoot! 


Shhh, don’t wake the supermodel!  Oh and of course, don’t tell her the Mamarazzi was at it again!  Hope you enjoyed Random Wednesday!!!


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