Randomness Day

So we’ve finally arrived at Randomness Wednesday or as the rest of the world calls it, Hump Day!  No theme for today’s blog, I’m all themed-out!  Just randomness!

So for the last almost 24 hours, we’ve had 3 kids, 1 baby, and 2 adults in our tiny 2 bedroom place!  My uncle wanted Honey and I to watch his 3 kids yesterday and have them sleep over, then stay over until tonight.  Well, if we had a 10 bedroom house and everyone had their own space to run away, make noise and retreat to, I wouldn’t have any hesitance.  However, we have a space that’s just over 800 square feet and if you sneeze in one bedroom, you’ll wake up someone in another bedroom…yes, everyone is just a stone’s throw away.  So we were really afraid that the kids wouldn’t understand what bedtime meant if we were to tell them that we needed quiet time for Kiggster’s bedtime.  We used to watch the three of them several years back and let’s just say they had lots of energy and were more than 4 hands full so that was all we remembered.  But we went ahead anyways since we knew that he needed help and just made sure we laid down some ground rules first. 

Yesterday when they got to the house, I told them to be really quiet going in because most of the time Kiggster is napping when I get home.  If they were like their dad, they would have rang the door bell, banged on the door and gone in the room to wake Kiggster up-even after being told to be really quiet!   I was shocked, even Derek was quiet going inside the house. When Kiggster woke up, Vivian and Derek just wanted to hold and play with her.  Derek even helped us clean up Kiggster’s toys that were all over the living room floor.  Then when Jasper came over after his basketball game, he even helped wipe down the dining table!  Even though they had all eaten dinner prior to coming, they were of course, still hungry so snacks were around 9pm! 

Kiggster has been having a hard time these days falling asleep-it takes a long time to get her to bed.  We think it’s because she’s teething.  She has 2 cute little teeth on the bottom middle and they’re just starting to peep through.  I can’t seem to capture pictures…she barely opens her mouth or opens without sticking out her tongue at the same time, long enough for me to even see them.  So after I finally put her to sleep, Vivian wanted to see my stash of nail polish.  Then she realized that I actually had a lot of nail design stuff and wanted me to paint and design her nails.  I can imagine Kiggster asking me to do that when she gets older…rewind, thinking way ahead of myself, I need her to slow down!  So I painted 1 nail design on each hand and when she looked at them, she said, “Biu Jeh, now my other fingers look so plain, can’t you do all my fingers?”  Uh, no!  I was already way past my bedtime and possibly heading into Kiggster’s next feeding…I said maybe next time ’cause she still wanted me to do a pedicure!  I haven’t even done it for myself in ages, couldn’t reach the toes during pregnancy and then no time when Kiggster arrived, and here she is asking me to do a mani/pedi and nail design on every finger and on her toes! 

The kids all ended up huddling on the floor in Kiggster’s room while she slept with Honey and I.  Derek found Kiggster’s sleeptime seahorse, Siegfreid, and couldn’t stop playing the lullabies before his bedtime…I think he even took it with him to bed! Cute!  They were all going to head to Fisherman’s Wharf to tour the USS Jeremiah with Honey’s free Family Pass tickets.  We’ll see how their day went when Honey comes to pick me up from work today!

So I never got to share these photos from when Kiggster turned 8 months but here they are…



She’s so funny, she likes biting on that lower lip a lot these days.  I think she’s massaging those two tiny emerging razors teeth of hers!  

Remember when Kiggster did her first finger painting and I said there was a corresponding video to it?!  I finally received it from the paint company! Sorry about all my talking in the background but I was trying to get more information about their products before plunging in for a purchase-which I bought every type they sold-paint, chalk, and crayons!

That was right when she was getting started & handed a sponge brush.

I’ve already been trying to plan her 1 year birthday party.  I know we should be saving money but she’s turning 1!  I felt sad that Honey and I couldn’t afford to throw her a Red Egg Party already and that’s such a huge part of her cultural background that I can’t allow her to miss her 1st birthday party.  I’m hoping we can throw one on the cheap but the problem I’m running into is November is a colder weather month and cheap places are all outdoors.  I wish our place could house more people but our home is out of the question!  I thought maybe at a school but some don’t allow public use and others just aren’t answering the phones!  Darn summer break!  Any cheap party locations?!  When I say cheap, I mean cheap!  $100 or less for several hours of fun!  I already have tons of party ideas for her and most of them are pretty cheap too, let’s hope they’re fun also!  Leave me a comment if you have any fun ideas or good location suggestions!

Happy Randomness Day!


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