So remember how I mentioned that she likes to do her air-farts these days?!  Well, I guess the prettified term of that is supposedly called raspberries!  She does them all the time now!  Below are 2 cute little videos of her goin’ crazy! 

Then a little less than a week later, it was caught on video again!  This might be the first video of her crawling too!  She goes really really fast now-not apparent in this video! 

Honey and Kiggster both look so cute when they’re sleeping…they kinda sleep alike too!  I think Kiggster loves Honey’s pillow because she always, like a little magnet, clings to his pillow and snuggles with him-totally cute!

I have so many pictures of the two of them sleeping like this from when she was born…totally cute.  I think I need to put a collage together of their sleeping pictures and you’ll see what I mean. 

Honey is so awesome! He’s been coming by and bringing Kiggster this week to see me!  I get my Honey and Kiggster breaks in the afternoon-when the day is starting to drag!  Yesterday, they had stopped by Yan-Yan’s garden before coming and came bearing gifts!  Honey let her pick some flowers for me so there was a pretty blueish-purple one, a magenta one, and these little white ones (which he thinks are from a dill plant because they smelled a lot like celery).  They also picked 1 strawberry and some sugar snap peas from our garden!  The snap peas were YUMMZ, very sweet, fresh, and crunchy.  Though only about 5 were picked so not enough for a meal.  How do others grow enough to make a meal out of their harvest? They must own a farm because our plants aren’t making enough of anything to have a meal, but we’re still enjoying them though!  Today, they went to Fort Funston for a nice walk before coming for a surprise Mamaroo milk stop.  Definitely needed that encouragement after a not so motivating team meeting that had me running some not-so-PG words through my head!  Now I’m all refreshed and my head’s been lifted out of the potty!
 Doesn’t she look so cute in my drabby prison-like cubicle?!

I forgot, she also brought an apple!  Remember that apple tree from the garden?!  Now they have so many apples, they keep dropping tons of baby apples in our plot.  Honey gave one to the Kiggster and never let go of it-she loved that little apple and sucked on the stem like it was the tastiest thing!  Don’t eat the apple Snow White!!!!  Hehehe


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