Rayne Teaser

Rayne Teaser, brain teaser, hehe don’t know why but I really thought that was funny!  Ok ok, don’t hate me Rayne groupies, I’m trying here.  I got tired…ok also known as lazy and didn’t get to download photos and video clips of Rayne before the work week so I didn’t get to post yesterday and I won’t really have photos today either…*ducking from flying tomatoes*

I have so much to post about too, she is just so cute and everyday it seems something is new and changing about her!  She can’t stop smiling these days, she’ll smile or do her laugh smile even just looking at you (no it’s not because you’re funny looking).  Honey even got her to sleep in her crib a couple times this week, he’s amazing with her!  He’s helped her grow in so many ways that I probably wouldn’t have and he’s so protective of her, even with me, because I might pack our schedules with lots of activities and he makes sure that I cut stuff out or be realistic because she needs her rest and naps in order for her to be at her best.  He’s the best daddy ever-I know some of you out there think your babies have the best daddy out there but I’m pretty sure you guys are mistaken ’cause I have the best husband & the cutest baby & Kiggy has the most awesomest daddy ever!

So I only have one picture for theis post today for you guys and it’s what we did last night…

Can you guys guess where we were last night?!  If you can, I’ll post more pictures tomorrow-ok even if you can’t I will still post them tomorrow!  Until next time…


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