Reaching for the Stars

So last week Tuesday, we talked about the Kiggster going to college and figuratively “reaching for the stars” going to her 1st college class.  Well, mid last week, she literally started reaching for the stars!  She has a little lamb swing hat has a mobile above with stars, lambs, and a moon and she started not only reaching her hand up to touch them but has actually been touching them!  She’ll twist her body around to get to them and it looks like she even wants to start grabbing and pulling at them0when that starts we may have to retire the swing!  But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there…

Oh those look pretty up there!
Can I reach?!
Maybe if I go like this…
But I want to touch that one too!

 Sorry the posting came late today but I was having computer issues and I lost what I blogged so I had to start over when I came home! =(


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