Reminiscing on Daddy Times

Unfortunately, Kiggster got a fever this morning of like 102 and it’s her first fever ever in these past 15 months! I guess we’ve been lucky to not have to go through this until now but it is still so scary even though she is a little older now (at least not a newborn)!  She is feeling a bit lethargic, clingy, and doesn’t have much of an appetite but when I finally got to leave the house, she was starting to cool down a little bit and some giggling could be heard. Please pray that she will get better soon and back to her usual playful self!

So we just got through Honey’s first week at work and school last week and he’s definitely been missing time with Kiggster! It’s so different hearing about Kiggster’s day from another person even if you know she’s in good hands (now he knows how I felt this past year)!  As I mentioned previously, I wanted to do a tribute to Honey’s last 15 months with Kiggster and all the fun, amazing, and adventurous times they’ve had.  Since the past two Wednesdays have been Daddy related items, it would only be appropriate to do a Daddy tribute this Thursday too!  So here we go…

I don’t think there could have been more love than he had for her at first sight and shared such precious moments.  I don’t have it in the collage but he gave Kiggster her very first hair brushing (yes, there wasn’t much but it was nice), held her and comforted her during her first check up in the hospital, and wrapped her up after her first real bath time (picture above on the left)!

Things started out rocky with Kiggster and Honey using the baby carriers.  He tried using a ring sling and I have to say, his brain couldn’t handle all the adjusting needed for it.  She was so small inside the Bjorn that he was afraid she was uncomfortable but once they both got in the hang of it and used to it, they didn’t go anywhere without it!

He loves taking Kiggster down to the water, whether at a lake or in the ocean and she absolutely loves it!  She loves the water!  She also loves reading time and puppet time with Daddy.  Doesn’t she totally look like Daddy’s girl when they’re asleep?!  I have so many pictures of the two of them sleeping like that over this past year and they both have the same expressions on their faces when they sleep!  

Daddy let’s her play in and with the sand, mud, and dirt but Mommy is more of a spectator than participant!

Those are just a few highlight moments that Honey and Kiggster have had in the past year and there is so much more that could be shared.  I know the good times are only beginning even though Honey’s stay-at-home dad time has come to an end.  She still loves her Daddy and he has taught her very valuable things that she will never forget: a few of those would be opening ziploc bags, turning on the TV, opening the DVD player, inserting DVDs into the machine,  “unbreaking” the DVD player, turning on the iPod and playing music, learning to put away her books after reading, have a love for nature and animals, and so much more!  
So with that, I leave you with the most recent Honey and Kiggster video of their wonderful bond together…
Isn’t it horrible that all I was doing was laughing and video taping the whole thing?!  Poor Honey was actually calling for help and once I figured out what was happening, I just went to grab my camera! She likes to do that lately on the bed, pillow couch, chairs, our tummies, but this was a first for the face…good thing she hadn’t pooped in that diaper! Haha

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