Revamp Christmas Turned Valentines: Gingerbread Love Shack Activity

Gingerbread Love Shack

I know Christmas has passed well over a month now but what happens to all the Christmas stuff that you loved so much or bought an over abundance of or items that are now on deep discount?!  Why don't we revamp some of them and use them for Valentine's Day?!  One of the first projects I wanted to share with you is the Gingerbread House Kit that I bought over Christmas and had grand plans to put together.  However, the holiday season was super busy and there definitely wasn't time between parties, dinners, and errands but I definitely didn't want to wait until next Christmas to put it to use!  So I called some of Kiggster and I's besties and I put together a play date to make a Gingerbread Love Shack! Oh yeah baby…love shack, baby, love shack but in the cleanest, most G-rated way known to children!  I also had some Christmas candy that I bought with red, green, and brown chocolate chips and I picked out all the green ones leaving only brown and red.  I got some conversation hearts for around $1 for the package and that really made the whole thing look like it was made for Valentines Day.  The girls went crazy over it, spreading the icing, sticking on the candy, decorating the little stars and of course, taste testing all the different candy and chocolate varieties!  This Christmas Gingerbread House Kit was purchased before Christmas for about $20 but if I had waited until after Christmas to get them, they would have been 50%-75% off.  I saw plenty of gingerbread house kits for sale after christmas and so it wouldn't be a challenge finding them on sale within the month after the holiday. I think I even saw a kit recently at Michaels still waiting to be adopted into a good home so you may still be able to find a few kits in the store.  The kit came complete with an already assembled house and tons of candy and green and white icing, which means it's ready to use straight out of the box!

Ginngerbread Collage

Gingerbread 2

This little activity kept 3 toddlers between 2-3 years old occupied and happy for over an hour…worth every penny that I spent on the kit and even the extra candy I bought.  The roof was the most decorated area of the house but if they were older children, I'm sure the house would have been completely decorated and not just the roof!  Hopefully this will just be the 1st of several other revamp projects where I will turn Christmas Crafts into Valentine's Day Projects!  Hope you're able to put your Gingerbread Houses and Christmas candy to use!

Gingerbread Love Shack Collage

2013 Vday Revamp Image



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  1. Love this idea! Wish I could have been there for the party. One of my favorite Valentine ideas for kids that I have seen. Kangaroo Mama you are so creative.

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