Revamped Christmas Turned Valentines & Chinese New Year: Gingerbread Cookies

Love & Luck Gingerbread Cookies

I previously started a Revamped post to turn Christmas items and activities into Valentines theme.  Last time I posted about how to use your Gingerbread Houses to make a Valentines Love Shack but this post actually doubled for not only Valentines but Chinese New Year also!  Over the holidays, I purchased too many gingerbread cookie mixes and so of course, I couldn't make them all in time before the Christmas season was over.  So the first time we made the gingerbread cookies according to the package, we cut out different alphabets, snowmen, stars, Santas, and more.


However, I was determined to use it before next Christmas so I decided to use it this last week to make some cookies with Kiggster. She loves rolling out the dough and cutting shapes out of them, which she did really well over the holidays and we even got some nice shapes out of them!  However, because she really loves to roll out the dough, sometimes, she gets over-zealous and rolls the dough again before the shapes are taken out.  Then because she does it so much, the dough starts getting a little bit sticky and mushy. We started out cutting heart shapes for the cookies but instead we switched gears and rolled them into little balls, flattened them instead because the shapes were no longer holding up after all the "playing."  

Revamped Gingerbread Cookies Collage

If you don't have the same issue we do with the overplaying of dough, you could totally use some cookie cutters and cut out some heart shaped hearts or whatever shape that fits your theme.  I also used some leftover Christmas candy and made it work with my theme, the same candy used for the Gingerbread Love Shack!  I picked out all the green chocolate chips so that it was just red and brown, used some Unreal candy that is supposed to be like M&Ms, used a $1 package of Conversational Heart candies, and $1 sprinkles from Target for both projects!  I also bought some Wilton's Candy Decorating Pens that I know I will be using again for other projects!  So with all that, we yielded these babies…

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Collage

We decorated the cookies with all kinds of sprinkles, chocolate, and conversational hearts for Valentine's Day.  The conversational hearts didn't hold up to the baking very well, most of the words became illegible and the color started to fade but there were a couple that held up though and turned out really nice, though all of them tasted yummy!  Then to make it a Chinese New Year theme, I used the candy decorating pens to write some Chinese characters for love, luck, and happiness.  Besides Kiggster's curious fingers touching them, I think they turned out pretty well.  I preferred the candy decorating pens to the gels and others because the candy kind would eventually harden and not be as much of a mess.  I also used the pen to write I "heart" U on one of the cookies and if I had more cookies, I'd probably write more messages and personalize the cookies too!  So I decided to call these my Love & Luck Gingerbread Cookies for both Valentines and Chinese New Year!  Hope you all enjoy finding new ways to use up your left over holiday items!  I hope to have more Revamp projects so stay tuned for some more and enjoy!  Oh and don't forget to check out my posting on Chinese New Year that inclues free printables, customs and more!

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