San Mateo’s Largest Children & Maternity Consignment Sale-March 6-9th

Last year September, I posted about Just Between Friend's (JBF) Fall sale and I scored so many wonderful things from it!  JBF has 2 sales a year, a spring and a fall sale, this year's spring sale will be starting March 6th-9th.  Why try to drive around town looking for good garage sales with no guarantee they will have good quality children's items for sale.  Why not just head to JBF and know there will be tons of good quality children's clothes, toys, furniture, books, and even maternity items.  When I was at the last sale, there were items from newborn through size 14 in kids for both genders!  There was so much to buy and tons of things that I wish I had waited until the JBF sale to buy!  The exact same potty bench that I had for Kiggster at home and spent some pretty pennies on was on sale for less than half what I paid for and it was in excellent condition.  I got a lot of new (yup, even new stuff) items for Kiggster like an alphabet set, a super cute giraffe print outfit and tons of reusable sticker books!  I bought a bunch of toys that I am storing away so that I can slowly bring them out during the year and I scored many of them for such a steal. One of our favorites has surprisingly been this plush bowling set and Kiggster found an unexpected use for the pins…playing her version of Simon Says!   

volunteer Opps

If you live in the Bay Area, make sure you come by the sale because there will be tons of things there.  First time parents, adoptive and foster parents, military, and teachers also get a pre-sale pass to enter the sale early.  However, if you volunteer your time, only 4 hours gets you an even earlier pre-sale pass!  You can enter as early as 2:30pm with a 12 hour pre-sale pass!   They still have volunteer opportunities available if you want to take advantage of that.  Remember, early birds get all the worms!  The earlier you get inside, the better pick you have!  Check out the Volunteer information here.

There is also a 50% off sale on most of the items on the last day so anything left over, there's a chance the consignors marked it down!  Volunteers also get to attend the 50% off sale early so there is double incentive to snag those volunteer spots!   If you'd like more information on Just Between Friends San Mateo, you can check them out on their website or Facebook page!  Below is what the schedule looks like for the whole sale and don't forget to print out a copy of the free admission pass I have included below:  

Wednesday, March 6th (Free Parking):

  • 2:30pm-9pm 12 Hour Volunteer Pre-Sale
  • 3:15pm-9pm 8 Hour Volunteer Pre-Sale
  • 4:00pm-9pm 4 Hour Volunteer Pre-Sale
  • 5:00pm-9pm Consignor Pre-Sale (+1 Guest)
  • 6:00pm-9pm Prime Time Shopping ($15 Entry)
  • 7:00pm-9pm Teacher, Daycare Providers and Military Family Pre-Sale
  • 7:30pm-9pm First TIme Parent, Adoptive/Foster Parent Pre-Sale (+1 Family Member Guest – $3 Admission For One or $5 Admission For Couple)

Thursday, March 7th (Free Parking):

  • 12:00pm-9pm OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ($3 Admission or use Free Admission Pass Below, Free Parking)

Friday, March 8th ($10 Parking Fee Until 5pm):

  • 9:00am-6:00pm OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (Free Admission, $10 Parking Fee)
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm  Volunteer & Consignor 50% Off Pre-Sale (Free Parking)

Saturday, March 9th ($10 Parking Fee Until 5pm):

  • 9:00am-3:00pm 50% OFF SALE-OPEN TO THE PUBLIC & Last Day Of Sale (Free Admission, $10 Parking Fee)

Free Admission Pass:


I hope I will see some of you there at the sale, look out for me and say, "Hi!"  Good luck and I hope you are able to get things you want and love at the sale.  During the sale, I will be sharing pictures of things I've scored and/or things I want from the sale on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts.  Only 1 more week until the sale!

Kangaroo Mama was provided compensation from the sponsor company for this posting but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. 



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  1. Wow.. I wished I lived there to stop by and shop! Thanks for the info!

  2. Maribel Reyes says:

    I am not pregnant, but know several friends that are and could visit and shop here! will be sure to pass along the information. 

    • Maribel, the great thing is, this sale is great for parents who even have kids up to pre-teens. Of course the pickings at that age are a lot slimmer than the younger ages but if you have toddlers, this is still an awesome sale! That’s what I’ll be looking for!

  3. I wish I lived closer!!! I am 5 months preggers right now, so right in the throw of maternity wear and baby things!

  4. I love baby consignments sales! I wish I were up north to go! We have one down here in SoCal and last night I heard you could get in early, so I went at 8pm! Totally worth it!!! Love that you support them!

  5. Awesome deals!! Thanks for sharing!! 

  6. Oh what an awesome shop! I see some very cute items!! 🙂

  7. Wow looks like a lot of great deals! 

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