Santa Baby

Bath times just get more and more fun with Kiggster each night.  In her swim classes, the instructors are trying to teach the kids to blow bubbles in the water.  Kiggster just watches as Honey and I put our faces in the water and blow bubbles but never does it herself.  Last week, during one of her bath times, she suddenly starts leaning over and putting her head towards the water!  My first motherly instinct was to stick my hand in front of her face and say No! but instead I just let her do it to see what she was trying to do.  I was there and I knew she’d be safe so I had to allow her to explore and grow on her own, especially if she was feeling adventurous! 

Well, she put her head towards the water and kept her mouth open too but as soon as her mouth hit the water, she lifted her head up, looked at me and laughed with her crinkly nose and closed eyes kinda laugh!  Then she did it again!  Of course, I had to call Honey in to see this and she did it several more times. So since last week, she’s been doing this every time during her baths (but not at swimming last Saturday).  Maybe being in a smaller space helps her to feel more adventurous and safe than in a huge swimming pool.  This week, we gave Kiggster her very first bubble bath!  She was so curious what it was in her water and why when they were in her little palms, she couldn’t get them off.  It took only about 2 bath times before she figured out that she should “play” with the bubbles.  Then she was off to doing crazy baby stuff…

Since these were bath time photos, all of them had to be edited and cropped!  So I got to play around with some free photo editing features on Picnik.  I love Picnik, easy to use and is linked with Picasa Web Gallery.  So once I’m done editing, I can save it straight to Picasa.  My only grip seems to be I can’t get my pictures from Picasa to straight to Picnik for editing even though I’m supposed to be able to but it gives me an error everytime.  The free features are pretty fun and seems to get the basic job done!  The picture above has been “softened”  she’s my dreamy baby.  Kiggster stuck her mouth in the water again but this time came  up with a mouth full and chin full of bubbles…my little baby has a Santa beard!  She thought it was the funniest thing and kept doing it the whole bath time so you’d see little bubbles stuck even on her two little teeth inside her mouth!

 Is there something on my chin?!

 Is it still there?!
 Hey, shut that thing off, this is a private moment!
Don’t make me shut it off myself with my bubbly fingers!
She’s just getting cuter by the moment, I can’t wait to see what she’ll do tonight when I get back home!  Happy Friday to all…TGIF!

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