Shakespeare in the Park

So a couple weeks ago, Honey, Kiggster and I went to Shakespeare in the Park in the Presidio.  They were performing Cymbeline, which actually was surprisingly good!  Honey originally thought we wouldn’t stay for the whole thing because kiggster might not do too well throughout but she loved being outside in the sun on the grass and we enjoyed the performance!  Everyone around us were in love with Kiggster-she was too irresistibly cute!  She would see people eating and start crawling towards them or want to play with their doggies…everything was interesting to her! 


There she is basking in the sun and laying on the grass.  She completely enjoyed rolling around on the grass and good thing they looked like they didn’t cut the grass in ages so it was like a carpet of long green blades of grass for her little fingers to get a hold of!  Then she was mesmorized by the doggy next to us…


She’s wearing a flower necklace that my coworker (yup she was there too) made for her!

 Approaching cautiously at first…

Then she wasn’t so cautious or gently after a short introduction with the doggy!  She starting pulling petting the dog and we even saw chunks of fur get caught between her fingers.  Poor dog just took the abuse like a champ!  At one point, the dog started growling at another dog during the show but not for very long.  Later during the show, Kiggster looked at the dog and starting doing her scary baby growl.  The dog owners just laughed and thought it was the funniest thing ’cause they thought she was copying the dog.  Little did they know that she actually just does that all the time…

That was our day at the park!  I’m traveling for work so I have been crazy running around being anxious and nervous but Honey’s been great helping me to take things one step at a time and reminding me that ultimately God is in control of things…not me and my excessive planning/worrying skills!  Amen to that!

Latest Kiggster Updates:
It takes about an hour to put Kiggster to bed these days.  Nope, she’s not in her crib yet.  We’re workin’ on that but for now, we’re still co-sleeping, something we thought we’d never do!  Well, during the days, Honey likes to play with her, lift her up and then gently “throw” her down on the bed.  Well, this week, while I was putting her to bed, she would sit up, giggle, bounce up and down, then all of a sudden, she’d toss her head back, then let herself fall.  Turn over, get up, repeat that cycle all over again, except doing a 360 all around the bed.  She’d do this for about an hour before finally falling asleep and it’s pretty sudden too.  She’d toss back on the bed then all of a sudden, she’d have no more energy and would just lay there, then slowly her eyes would close! 

Also this week, she’s been loving our bedroom wall.  So we don’t have a headboard on our bed…just the wall.  We don’t know when or how or who taught her this but she crawls on the bed up to the wall (keep in mind, she only does it with this wall), pulls herself up against the wall…stares at it and then slowly moves her head towards the wall.  Then she does this love tap with the wall, sometimes it’s harder then other times, but always, she looks over at us to make sure we’re looking and then laughs like a crazy baby!  She loves that wall and she gets all giggly as she’s crawling towards it too like she’s scheming something really naughty! 

It’s crazy to us how much she copies the things we do, even when we aren’t aware or we don’t think she understands.  She knows and she’s doing them!  I bet the moment she can get real words out of her mouth, she’s gonna shock us with what her first word is gonna be (hopefully not a swear word or something deragatory)!  I love this little baby, man is she growing fast for us!  I am getting all geared up for her 1st birthday.  I have some cute stuff planned, hopefully they’ll all turn out ok because I’m not usually a DIYer but I’m workin’ on it!


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