Smoothie Delight

Who doesn’t love a nice smoothie-sweet, refreshing, and delicious?!  Apparently, even babies love it too!  Sometimes over the weekends, I like to make smoothies for Honey and I but this weekend, Honey made his very own creation.  Plain yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, mango and bananas…yummz!  I was proceeding to finish my cup of goodness and I even like licking the cup at the end too but then Honey reminded me that we could give Kiggster some to try.  Oh yeah!  I forgot that I had wanted to let her try some…when you give food to me, I get distracted!  Hehe!  But he doesn’t give up his cup of smoothie for her, we end up using my cup…hmmm, how did that happen?!  


Are you watching me eat?! That makes me shy!

NOT! Gimme some more!!!!

 She was all over that smoothie like Winnie the Pooh is with a pot of honey!  We probably shouldn’t have fed her on the bed though ’cause now there’s some pinkish-purple stains from her lovely smoothie filled fingers!






So I’m sure this would have been better if I just took a video instead of a million pictures but where’s the fun in that though?!  I just had to grab whatever device was easily accessible at the moment.  So afterawhile, she became a control freak…like mama!  She wasn’t happy with me holding the cup or spoon anymore, she wanted it all for herself and to hold it by herself!




Well, there wasn’t much of my smoothie left after she was done with it!  Next time any of you wanna hit up Jamba-just come over to our place instead so the Kiggster can share a baby-friendly but super delish homemade smoothie with you! 

Where did all my smoothie go?!  Who finished it?! 
What about leaving me with at least the spoon and cup?!
*sigh* Adults…they never get it!

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