Snow White & Her Forest Friends

I just realized that all the Disney Princesses have talking animal friends…and we wonder why our kids like talking to their inanimate toys and have imaginary friends.  Kiggy has gotten lots of toys lately and some of which have been fun little animals for her.  She’s taken to them pretty well!  First up was Mister Inchworm-he’s pretty cute.  Every part of the inchworm does something different, 2 different rattles, one in the middle and one at the end of the tail.  Then 2 crinkly noise ones, one squeaker, one plush part.  If you press on the head, it plays music and it’s not annoying.  Not sure what song it plays but its pretty cute!  When I first took it out of the box and put it next to her, her eyes looked so funny because she seemed kinda freaked out at first-I put the head of the inchworm right next to her face.  Then she was curious when she put her hand on it and it crinkled.  It’s been pretty fun…
Next in line was Mr. Snail.  It  has a nice big mirror on the front of it and it’s nice when I put her on her tummy to play.  It plays music and can “roll” or stand still.  Everytime she bats at the snail, music starts to play.  She played more with it when she was with Honey than with me because I think she was still learning what she could do with it and because he’s been better at teaching her stuff than I have.  When Tina hung out with me on Sunday and we had dinner together, we put Mr. Snail on her high chair tray and she just stared at herself in the mirror and was pretty amused by the music.  We got through our whole dinner-almost!


Mirror mirror on the snail, who’s the fairest of them all?!  Kiggy of course!
So then the next animal friend she has, which she loves, is Sophie the Giraffe!  I’ve had it since I was pregnant but recently remembered to bring it out of the box for her.  I put it next to her and she pushed it against her face, well the rest just sorted itself all out.  When it touched her face, she automatically turned her head towards it and Sophie’s ears were in her mouth after that!  Then she held onto the legs really nicely-they fit perfectly around her little hands.  It also squeaks which is pretty fun for her.  But mostly, she just likes sticking it in her mouth.  It was instantaneous, pretty funny!


The last of her animal friends are actually sea friends because they were her bath toys.   Sorry no pictures of that because she’ll hate me when she grows up for having those!  But the bath toys were awesome, it had a walrus, seahorse, octopus, lobster, and fish!  She had fun holding some of them and it was something interesting for her to look at when we helped her take a bath!  So during bath times, she’s more Ariel than Snow White!
Maybe next time I’ll let you guys join me in my adventures with my forest & sea friends!  Princess Rayne is signing out for now!

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