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Wow, it seems like too long since my last post here to everyone.  Life seemed to have passed me by too quickly.  So a quick update, Honey graduated from his Master’s program in May this year and it was so exciting for Roo and I.  I am pretty sure I was more excited than he was!  Actually, if I remember correctly, I forced him to go to his graduation.  He protested and said it seemed so silly to go since it didn’t seem quite as “special” as a “second time” since he had attended his undergrad ceremony….ages ago!  But I said, “Our family didn’t suffer through this Master’s program together for 4 long years just so you don’t walk in your graduation ceremony.  So you’re going, even if it means just to wave to me on stage!”  It was great!  Then we went down to Southern California to visit our besties for 2 weeks, yup, they love us that much to let us stay that long with them!

We went so many places for the first time together as a family, Legoland, Disneyland, etc.  I can’t wait to share photos with you guys.  I had decided not to send Roo to preschool but instead a couple moms and I started a co-op and I love being able to be a part of her education while still getting a small break.  It’s only 2 days a week for 3 hours each time but it’s still nice!  There were moments when I felt really overwhelmed with life that I thought about not doing the co-op but when I saw the kids and how much they enjoyed each other’s company and learning, it makes it all worth it!  I want to homeschool her for as long as possible, but for now, I’m just going to take it a day at a time!

As for Roo, well, we discovered her love for cooking this summer!  She absolutely loves it and I can’t wait to share photos of some of her creations soon.  But she is definitely a much better cook than I am…no, seriously!  They made gnocchi in class one time and let me say, my own experiment never even turned out 1/2 as good as her’s did!  Plus the bonus is, she actually eats when she cooks it!  She usually does the “dine-n-dash” but not the don’t pay the bill kind, but the run up to the table, nibble a little, then dash off to play again, then repeat that a million times over several hours and that’s meal time!

There is so much to share but I think that’s the update for now so this doesn’t become a novel.  I will share more, yes I will, really!  I’ve really missed blogging and can’t wait to get back into it!  I have some ideas brewing…ok actually they are probably over-brewed by now because I’ve been sitting on them for awhile now!

Toodles for now!


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